Mail and Commentary, April 27, 2011 

Poo on Party Politics

With reference to Bill Cope's column (BW, Opinion, "Fools Rush Out," April 6, 2011): I believe he is correct. However, it is the Democratic central committees, both locally and nationally, that are "stupid," for it was not the Democrats that started the first Gulf War, the second (WMD) Gulf War or the financial meltdown we all are suffering through. It was the Republicans and so far, I have not seen any Democrat of any stature either locally or nationally laying the blame for this disaster where it belongs: on 12 years of Republican rule. When President Bill Clinton left office, the budget was balanced, there was a surplus and the Bosnian War was won. The present administration inherited (from the Republicans) the worst world situation that has existed since the Great Depression and World War II.

If the Democrats weren't so "stupid," they would be as vocal as the "loyal" opposition and lay the blame squarely in the laps of the Republicans. The Republicans are not bad as a party, they have just had some very corrupt, ignorant and easily manipulated members. Now it is all about the "party" and not about being an American (or an Idahoan). It is time we think of America and Idaho first and forget party politics.

--Louis Keefer, Boise

Me-centric Lawmakers

Ted Rall (BW, Opinion, "No Pay For Congress," April 20, 2011) is shocked to discover that members of Congress don't play by the same rules that they set for the rest of us, the common class. Well, it is becoming all too clear that democracy and capitalism cannot coexist in the absence of empathy, fellow feeling or social interest.

You pick the term, Mr. Rall. If all we value is "me, me, me," we are doomed to fail in both aspects. When CEOs reap gigantic bonuses for leading their companies into failure, they clearly don't really care about the price of those failures that eventually fall on the back of we "middle and lower class" serfs. At least they don't worry as long as Congress wades in to socialize them. Note the naughty word, "socialize" them. Note the naughty word "socialism," oh my!

By tradition, government in our country has two main functions: 1) protect the citizens and 2) empower them in the direction of a better life. See, both of these are rooted on the sense of connectedness, caring/empathy or social interest. Education is one avenue leading to a productive life, good health care is another. Sound police and fire protection is just assumed to be available, a certainty of a sound retirement after years of work is another.

When we send members of Congress back to Washington, D.C., we expect them to do our bidding since we hire them and we pay their salary and provide them with health care just like all of us have. Sound reasonable? I fear that they become primarily interested in themselves, in stuffing their own pockets.

We had better take a good, hard look, folks.

--Tom Edgar, Boise

Dear Birthers

To all Birthers (idiots):

1. Visit

2. Search for "Obama birth certificate."

3. Click the top hit, "Statement by Dr. Chiyome"

4. Shut up!

--J. Andrew Smith, Bloomfield, N.J.

Condom Chatter

As chairman of the Board of Health of the Central District Health Department, let me commend you for your service to public health by being the first to include a condom insert in every Boise Weekly published on April 20. This is a bold and brave action on your part, and you deserve to be recognized for it. As one of the partners in public health in Idaho working hard to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, we welcome your participation in this endeavor along with A.L.P.H.A., our long-time partner in prevention and detection.

Your outreach may have been the largest distribution of condoms in Idaho history at one time. CDHD distributed more than 31,000 condoms last year at various venues, and we welcome you to the prevention community and wish you much success in your efforts. If this strategy prevents only one case of HIV transmission it would have been well worth the effort. Prevention efforts improve with increased public awareness about a problem and knowledge and tools to address the concern and your effort has made an impact. HIV screening is available at all local health departments and A.L.P.H.A. and through primary care providers as a part of routine health care. Thanks for your service to the public health of our community.

--Steven F. Scanlin, Chairman, Board of Health, Central District Health Department, Boise

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