Mail and Commentary April 7, 2010 

On April Fools

Your story about Pioneer/Morris Hill cemeteries (BW, Feature, "Dead Men Moving," March 31, 2010) was in very, very poor taste and not appreciated by a number of your readers. Doing a story like this under the guise of an April Fools joke is over the top.

In fact I have heard several say they can not trust your publication any longer. You crossed the line and that is really sad. BW has always been a nice alternative to the other one-sided political publications that call themselves newspapers in this valley.

--Ellen Erskine,Boise

A Galaxy Far Away

According to my Star Wars interpretation of the latest poll results, we live on Tatooine. Butch Otter is Luke Skywalker. Sara Palin is Princess Leia. Hans Solo and Chewbacca own the AM airwaves, but imperial droids dominate the mainstream media. A rebel alliance has been started by Tea Party America and while President Vader, Empress Palpatine, and their imperial fleet plan strategy in Washington, Ewoks farm and ranch peacefully in the countryside.

President Vader and company ultimately intend to impoverish and enslave the galaxy by using failed economic and social policies. In fact, they would eliminate the Imperial Senate altogether if they could, but first things first. Against all odds, Skywalker's alliance courageously fired the first shots against the empire's biggest weapon, the Health Insurance Battlestation. Eighteen more planets followed and lawsuits began volleying across the galaxy.

Meanwhile, TPA rebel bases sprang up across the galaxy like April dandelions. Jedi Walt struggled to finally vanquish his dark side and join Skywalker. As the Empire made plans to freeze Solo and Chewy off the galaxy airwaves forever, the Ewoks learned to trust the rebel alliance.

Quote of the Week

"I had the torch lit, the pitchfork sharpened, a heavy sack of doorknobs, and was aiming to join an angry mob."


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