Mail and Commentary Aug. 11, 2010 

"But, I'd rather not support religious indoctrination either ..."

—Toastlette, ("Boise Launches Pilot Program to Discourage Giving to Panhandlers," Citydesk, Aug. 5)

Otter overweight

In regard to Exxon/Imperial Oil's plans to transport excessively over-sized loads on Highway 12 Gov. [C.L. "Butch"] Otter was quoted in the Lewiston Tribune as stating that, "... the impact to the highway probably won't be any more than a 1-ton pickup."

People can argue about axle loads, tire loads and weight distribution, but one salient fact is overlooked: weight, total weight. To simulate the total weight of just one of these massive loads on the Kamiah bridge, one would need about 150 of the governor's pickup trucks. Crammed three abreast across the entire span, they would need to be stacked four layers high to equal the weight of just one of these proposed loads.

It doesn't matter how the weight is distributed; the bridge suffers the entire total weight load, unless Exxon has managed to change the rules of gravity. Mr. Governor, one pickup truck does not weigh 580,000 pounds. The potential damage to our roads and bridges is enormous. In these economic times, it makes absolutely no sense to subsidize these shipments at taxpayer expense. No sense at all.

—Steve Adamczyk,Kamiah

Pats on the back

I was in Boise two weeks ago and picked up a copy of your July 21-27 edition. Here in Fort Worth, Texas, we have a lively alternative news source, Fort Worth Weekly, and I wanted to see what your weekly had to offer. What an unexpected treasure! I was impressed with the thoughtful articles and the incisive commentary. Idaho is known as a rather conservative state, as is Texas, but I'm sure it has many moderates and liberals, too. Judging from the responses to the commentary, your newspaper provides an alternative to the prevailing views and keeps the conversation going while providing the public service of informing the public on issues that may be overlooked by the mainstream press.

—Sharon Salih, Fort Worth, Tex.

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