Mail and Commentary Aug. 25, 2010 

On the Cope

Bill Cope (this week's Boise "Weakly") takes his funnies way too seriously (BW, Opinion, "Tory Story," Aug. 18, 2010).

During a difficult summer of BP leaks here and Wikileaks there, of never-ending Gitmo and endless manic recession, what cranks Cope's angst? "Mallard Fillmore." And how long did it take Cope to frame an almost lucid response to Fourth of July "Fillmore?" About five weeks, which makes Cope as topical as Doonesbury, an unfunny funny that's as timely and subtle as a foot-powered dental drill.

Garry Trudeau threatened to hold his breath and turn pink(er) if dailies didn't put his inanity on the op-ed page next to Ellen Goodman and Amy Goodman. All for fairness and balance.

Meanwhile, the neo-socialist Seattle P-I put "Mallard Fillmore" way back at the bottom of its classifieds before giving the bird and his words the boot. Then the P-I died, but "Mallard Fillmore" lives. Praise God.

Whether "Mallard" makes you howl with mirth or howl with Bill Cope rage, he's a clothespin on the nose during a summer reeking of the orthodoxies of the Left despised by George Orwell. "Mallard" reminds you, because Bill Cope won't, that BP's biggest campaign payoffs went to [President] Barack Obama. That Obama surged Afghanistan and that it's his tar baby. Ditto Gitmo. And that almost $1 trillion of Obama stimulus, sold to keep unemployment below 8 percent, stimulated unemployment to almost 10 percent.

So here we are. A summer of Bill Cope and Barack Obama. Of Goodman and Goodman and Doonesbury and Tom Tomorrow and "News"week's Luckovich and Boise "Weakly's" Ted Rall (who, to his credit, called for Obama's impeachment 15 months ago), all running the elitist statist quo gamut from far left to farther left.

--Cody Kerns,Boise

On the Cover

I might appreciate that cover ("Stay Cool," Aug. 18, 2010) in someone's sketchbook, on a wall somewhere--I don't know--in a bar. But when my daughter, who's 6, looks at that today, tomorrow and the rest of the week--everywhere we go around town--and says, "What's he doing to his privates?" "I don't know, cooling them off?" I swear, that Leila, sometimes she picks some good stuff but for the most part, we--including most of the people I know--are at a loss when trying to figure out where she cultivated her taste. The art in my home and in my books isn't for all eyes, but is it displayed loud and proud for Boise families to swim around? Oh, I get it, you wanna be risque and hip? It's just tacky, honey.

--Karabeth Shepherd,Boise

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