Mail and Commentary Feb. 1, 2012 

"How is it that lawmakers can change the laws whenever they want to? They change the rules whenever they don't like something to suit them ..."

--RCB (BW, Citydesk, "D.C. Occupiers Face Eviction," Jan. 25, 2012)

Your Own Fault

My compliments to Carissa Wolf on her exemplary writing and research for "Playing the Game" (BW, Feature, Jan. 25, 2012).

Her attempts to be balanced and unbiased were evidenced. My problem is with Ms. Cacciaguidi for her reaction to being unfairly treated by the program.

Hmmm. We will reduce your sentence if you agree to enter this program and actively participate until the end. Her grievance (and subsequent lawsuit) and decision to drop out of the program is that she was unfairly accused ... of something.

Guess what? This is a slice of real life. In real life, we are unfairly treated or accused of something and we have to deal with it.

You missed the whole point of this opportunity. You diagnosed yourself. The problem was you. The problem was not the program.

--Arthur Hamblin, Boise

A roundup of comments from

BW asked: "Dear Residents of Facebookistan: Newt Gingrich wants to build a moon colony. Your thoughts?"

They answered:

Yes, eventually, we'll need a moon colony (by 2120, yes, but eight years from now ... hardly). But where does he think we'll get the money. Privatize? China? Random investment and tax increases? Who knows. It sounds to me like a desperate ploy of the third-place runner in a two-man race.

--Edward Kildow

Check out some of the works from Stephen Hawking. Maybe not the moon, but he has some interesting thoughts on colonizing other entities in our constellation, even others. Not so unfathomable really.

--Matt Pensyl

Considering the current rates of environmental degradation, population growth and resource depletion, I think developing the technology that will help us alleviate our burden on Earth needs to be a priority. Gingrich sees himself as the savior of civilization (read: megalomaniac), but if he becomes the president who put a permanent base on the moon, he'll become the most visionary historical figure since Jesus.

--Harrison Berry

Great idea. The fact he is wanting to spur innovation and leaps in advancement by offering an incentive will open up so many new doors. Just think, not only would the technology and advancements be made for such an "out of this world" idea, but most of them will pave the way for future advancements in other fields and let some more of the impossible become possible.

--Jim Forrester

Maybe that's where Obama's birth certificate will finally be found.

--Julie Johns O'Meara

On a post linking to "Idaho Treasurer Exonerated of State Gas Card Misuse," a story detailing how Idaho Treasurer Rod Crane was let off the hook for using state money for personal expenses:

Hello and good evening, and welcome to the Idaho state government, where the rules are made up and the crimes don't matter.

--Samantha Boucher

What a fine group of role models for all of us to look up to. And then they have the support and protection of others that are in leadership roles. Oh what lessons they are teaching our children ...

--Shawn McWilliams

Equal rights for all. ... Where do I pick up my state credit card?

: --Claire Fenton

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