Mail and Commentary Feb. 10 

Rall Is So Wrong On Haiti

I enjoy the Boise Weekly, but Ted Rall's article "The Haitian Earthquake: Why the blood is on our hands" (BW, Opinion, Jan. 20, 2010) reeked of crazy. His assertions that somehow the United States and the evil corporations are responsible for the shoddy construction, poverty and political instability of Haiti is similar to Pat Robertson's assertions that God is punishing the people of Haiti for practicing voodoo. While we all know that we must keep both eyes on corporate practices and it is clear our government is badly in need of reform or revolution, it is a mighty big leap to go from problems on the home front to our love of cheap products causing earthquakes and falling buildings. You see, the problem with crazy people is that they see the world through the lens of their insanity, so they think they are being rational and objective, and when things don't support their beliefs, it is the ethereal "they" that are conspiring against the truth. I'm sure that Mr. Rall would be happy to explain how the United States is the leading cause of all the world's problems and also responsible for the terrible forces of nature. I mean Sumatra, Katrina and Turkey were all clearly our fault. Maybe someone should ask the CIA to turn off the weather-changing machines and earthquake makers. In the meantime, all of us crazy capitalist consumers are reaching into our wallets to again come to the aid of people in need, despite the biggest recession since the Great Depression. The oppressive U.S. military is mobilizing to help restore order, bring food, shelter and clean drinking water to people who will never be able to repay us, no matter how many cheap products they make. Finally, massive evil corporations that are responsible for fleecing the world are digging into their profits to send food and clothes and every type of aid at breakneck speed to hurting people. If you want to know how a seemingly intelligent person could strap a bomb to themselves and kill a bunch of innocent people, look no further than to the same type of fundamentalism without reason that Mr. Rall is exhibiting. If we look at it logically, it becomes clear that earthquakes are no one's fault. Imminent death is also a part of the precarious nature of all things living, and when heavy things fall on fragile living things the outcome is predictable. This is also no one's fault. Of course, there are better ways to build homes than what we saw in Haiti. Strangely, there are better methods than the stick frame junk we build here, too, but strangely that is what we live in. So if it's no one's fault, then what are we to do with all these negative feelings; I mean, it would be so helpful if we just had someone to pin it on. I suppose we could always hunt down that damned Mother Nature. I'll bet she's hiding out with Osama Bin Laden. I'm pretty sure if we try her in Louisiana, we could get a needle stuck in her arm.

--Josh Moen,


Stick It To 'Em

Your response is far too tepid and mannered (BW, Note, "All Press is Good Press," Jan. 27, 2010). These know-nothing spiritual Luddites need to get their teeth kicked in by righteous editorial indignation (BW, Food, "Big Bird's Burgers," Jan. 20, 2010). You, young lady, are just too nice. These "persons" have no problem with the promotion of Jesus (shout amen! sister) in this establishment but rail against [Nathaniel] Hoffman's lukewarm and wholly apt commentary? The thought that these lowbrow motherfuckers feel empowered to lecture a skilled journalist on this front chokes one. Let them eat snakes or handle them as they may wish.

--Gary Addington,


Bank Local

It's time to take action with the irresponsible banks that have taken advantage of our patronage for way too long. The "too big to fail" Wall Street banks do not deserve our business any longer. After gambling in their custom-made casinos of CDOs, CDSs and bucket-shop betting parlors, the card house crumbled and they were rescued by trillions of dollars of our taxpayer money, then paid us back by using our money to hire bribe men to convince Congress to kill financial rules. They took our money and cut back on lending, continued with risky plans, pay themselves more bonuses from record profits and then charge you huge interest rates for cards that even if you had been paying your bills on time, cut your credit limits down without telling you. Here's what you do about it. Get your money out of their vaults of insecurity and to a local, community-based bank, pronto! It's smarter and safer and it will send a powerful message to these super-egotistical barons of bad behavior that we are serious about how we feel. Congress is too afraid to take action, so take the action yourself. You'll feel much better.

--Kevin Bayhouse,


Quote of the Week

"It's just another example of liberals and activists destroying our country. It's all a lie, don't let them control you. Vote out the people who are putting the judges in place that entertain this."

--GTeye, BW Online, in a comment on the story "Great White: The giant palouse earthworm can't be found--yet it's dividing the Palouse." (BW, Features, Jan. 13, 2010)

Quotes of the week: parts ii and iii

*Editor's note: There were too many good ones to choose from, so we bring you three of the week's best quotes.

"Yeah Cope, you and your pompas [sic] ilk, and that pony you rode in on."

--tva, BW Online, comment on Bill Cope's column (BW, Opinion, "The Kill Joy," Feb. 3, 2010) about Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's intent slash Idaho Public Television's state funding.

"How about Gov. Cowboy allowing us to designate where our personal tax dollars get spent. I don't use the state parks or the schools. I don't drive on Hwy. 21. I don't hunt, fish or own a boat. I don't want the part-time legislature to get full-time health care and benefits ... how about it cowboy?"

--FedUpTaxpayer, BW Online, in response Bill Cope's column "The Kill Joy." (BW, Opinion, Feb. 3, 2010)

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