Mail and Commentary Jan. 25, 2012 

"Go eat a potato you idiot..."

--Anonymous ("Portlandia: The White Subcultural Equivalent of a Minstrel Show," Screen, Jan. 18, 2012)

Stop Brain Farting

Well, I finally did it. I dropped my Idaho Statesman subscription. It has been two days, and I'm already thinking clearer.

I brew my coffee and settle in with my laptop, getting the news I want, when I want. No more mind-numbing articles and editorials that left me wondering, "What's their point?" No more reading the monthly Letter to the Editor from some guy in Kuna named Dano Savino, who writes America-hating, far-right venom-filled sputum about how President Barack Obama is a Marxist. They won't print your rebuttal. So I rebutted them. I so look forward to Wednesday's new Boise Weekly. Someone said that the newspaper would go the way of the horse and buggy, and I think they are right. I will continue to support and recommend the Boise Weekly. I think you will survive. I have so much more time in the morning, and I'm not in a paper-induced haze all day anymore. So keep up the good work and get ready for scores of former Statesman workers begging you for a job. Thank you, BW for printing the truth. Reading the truth prevents my brain from farting.

--Kevin W. Maness, Boise

Support Schools

I have two children, ages 7 and 12. They attend Grace Jordan Elementary and West Junior High schools. The teachers that my children have been blessed with are fabulous. They go above and beyond to give our kids the education that they need. They are always there when we need them. Boise's schools face a $15 million annual deficit beginning next school year, which has come about because of cuts in state funding and a decline in property-tax revenue. District administrators have been responsible and accountable in cutting expenses while shielding the classroom and maintaining quality schools. All four of Boise's traditional high schools are on the Washington Post's list of the top 7 percent of high schools in America. On Tuesday, March 13, voters in the Boise School District will decide on a supplemental, five-year levy to help erase this deficit. I urge everyone to vote yes so that we can maintain the small class sizes and outstanding programs that have made our district one of the best in the country.

--Melody Wilson, Boise

Dear Ted Rall:

I just finished a four-year enlistment in the Army during which I spent a year in Iraq, so I guess that makes me a veteran of what you labeled a "Pointless War" in your Dec. 21 cartoon.

While deployed, I chose not to categorize or marginalize the existence of the United States in Iraq. We were there, I was there, and there was no changing that fact any time soon. I did, however, choose to do the job I was trained to do with the best effort I could muster. I think I did do the most-relevant work I've done for the Army, maybe even ever.

I disagree with the tasteless hypothetical scene you portray in your cartoon. You crossed the line by making fun of veterans. Are there dirt bags in the military? Sure, but there are also patriots and idealists.

I left the Army because if the Army was a business, it wouldn't be in business for long. I have no regrets, and I value the time spent with the people with whom I served. I moved back to my home town in Idaho so I could ride my mountain bike, hug trees, act locally and continue to think globally. When I opened up my favorite local paper, the BW, I found what seemed to be a personal attack. C'mon, Ted, I've been a fan of your work before; you're better than this. Who are you trying to appeal to? You're not really a hater, are you? Wouldn't that be ironic? One more thing, and I'm not pointing this out in order to call into question the extent of your patriotic awareness, but when you hang the flag vertically, the stars go on the left.

: --Matt Purdy, Boise

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