Mail and Commentary June 19, 2013 

"The level of ignorance radiating from today's meeting of the GOP Central Committee will likely be visible from outer space."

--Marque (, Citydesk, "Press: Idaho GOP to Consider Resolution to Nix Boise's, Other Cities' Add the Words Enforcement," June 14, 2013)

GOP Fail

At least one online commenter took issue with Idaho Republican leaders pushing for a plan requiring candidates be approved first by committee members (Citydesk, "AP: Idaho GOP Will Consider Plan Requiring Candidates to Get Leaders' Blessing," June 11, 2013), though the plan was ultimately scrapped at the party's central committee meeting June 15:

Here is your more than obvious Plutocracy in action. Both parties are like this, "Only our hand picked candidates are good enough to be elected."

Is it little wonder then why our government is in a stagnate quagmire? One that has been hijacked by special, singular interests.

I'll be running as an Independent candidate for Governor of Idaho in 2014 just as I ran as an independent candidate for Mayor of Boise in 2010, so as to give the voters of Idaho an actual choice, not based upon the lesser of two evils.

I'm not owned by anyone nor beholden to anyone. My political representation will be the will of the People, not the Party.

Major Fail GOP!

Vote Dave for GOV!!

David B. Hall

Candidate for Governor of Idaho 2014

--Benj Hall

Hit the Bricks

Boise Weekly received a couple of comments on chain restaurant Ruth's Chris Steak House's request to extend its dining area on the ground floor of the Eighth and Main Tower into the sidewalk (BW, Citydesk, "CCDC Considers '16-Inch Difference of Opinion' With Ruth's Chris," June 11, 2013). Here's what a few had to say:

*sigh* No more chain restaurants, please!

--Kerry Caldwell

No to the extension. We need safe sidewalks for everyone.

--Sondra Rose

Save Boise's Parking

The comments keep coming on a plan by the city of Boise to install so-called "smart" parking meters downtown, as well as beef up parking regulations, including charging for metered parking on nights and weekends (BW, Citydesk, "Downtown Boise Merchants Weigh In On Smart Meters, Extended Parking Enforcements," June 7, 2013). Here are just a few:

... Boo-freakin-hoo. Almost everyone knows that parking is difficult downtown on a Friday and Saturday. I would know, I used to work down there. But walking two blocks is NOT that big of a deal.


100 feet [to walk from a parking spot to your destination] is extreme, almost a marathon, you'd need a motorized scooter for that.

--Eugene Kravtsov

ACHD and Boise City are plotting to get rid of street parking. Save Boise's on street parking! It is one of the special things about this town.

--Concerned Citizen


Ted Rall's opinion piece on the lack of rebellion among millennials (BW, Opinion, "Turn Up That Music," June 12, 2013) resonated with at least one member of the age group:

I've read much of Strauss and Howe as well as writings of Winograd and Haus. A lot of their research will tell you that Millennials feel they have the ability to make a change. I assume that would mean their voices are being heard or they feel they can rewrite the system through sheer numbers in the age group. That seems to contribute to the lack of urgency on our part. (Disclosure: I'm a Millennial.) We're comfortable with the rapid pace of change in social issues, new tech, the way we work, etc.


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