Mail and Commentary June 22, 2011 

"Holy smokes, these comments make me feel like I need to go hug a Mexican."

-- your pal skip (, Citydesk, "Idaho Hispanic Population Grows by 73 Percent," May 26, 2011)

Confucius Says

People think they don't have what they want because they don't know what they want. Not true. They don't have what they want because what they think they want isn't what they want.

--Jamie Lynn Morgan,Coeur d'Alene

Respect Vets Cemetery

As veterans of the United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, we would like to express concern and disappointment regarding the policies involving the use of bicycles at the Idaho Veteran's Cemetery.

During a planning session for a visit to the cemetery on Memorial Day, it was suggested by one of the vets in our group that we ride our bikes and walk in. We figured that would be a good way to avoid traffic congestion in the cemetery and leave a small (non-existent) and very respectful noise footprint within that hallowed ground. Last year, we parked a car outside the gates of Dry Creek Cemetery and walked in. There were cars, trucks and motorcycles everywhere. Some were parked with wheels on the grass in Dry Creek Cemetery. Not a great situation.

During a call to the IVC to help plan the visit, the veteran who called was told in no uncertain terms that bicycles were forbidden in the cemetery. During Memorial Day, even walking your bicycle into the cemetery could get you a ticket from a Sheriff's deputy, and riding to any point in the cemetery may yield harsher measures against the rider, he was told.

When presented with a hypothetical situation, according to the person who represented the IVC, it is fine to drive or ride a motor vehicle into the cemetery but not acceptable to even walk a bicycle through since the motor vehicle is a form of transportation and the bicycle is a form of recreation.

The State of Idaho considers bicycles a form of transportation. Any type of vehicle, with a motor or not, can be used as a form of recreation.

We can understand the concerns the IVC caretakers have about people who thoughtlessly use the cemetery for a recreational facility. It is not a place for casual play. However it is important for reasonable people to see the difference between a caring, thoughtful, respectful veteran visitor who happens to use a small, quiet vehicle to get to the cemetery on a crowded day and someone who drives through on, or in their motor vehicle, including motorcycles, some with mufflers, some without.

As decorated veterans, we no longer feel welcome at the Idaho Veteran's Cemetery. A simple request for information was met by insulting and disrespectful policies that make criminals out of anyone who chooses to enter that hallowed ground in quiet dignity, walking their bike. Ridiculous.

--John Post, Boise, and Steve Scanlin, Boise

Happy Bikers

I know you've been hearing from me quite a bit lately, but I need to say kudos and take my hat off to some amazing reporting, photography, P4theP coverage and community support.

I spend a great deal of time checking out the online world of BW--don't want to say I'm addicted because that would be the first step to recovery--but this week I was like a kid in a candy store. I can't believe the amazing photos Will Jones took at Helladrome, the video and all the other event coverage.

On a separate note, Boise Weekly was the first to jump to aid with our recent break-in, which was the pits, for lack of a better term. Thanks BW, you and the community have provided a silver lining for a very dark, crappy cloud. Within just a few days, the community has come to our aid and put the skip back in our step and the cadence back it our pedal stroke (how's that for a bike nerd?).

For all the folks offering support, we appreciate everything and hope to see you at all the great events going on this month. Hard to be sad about a little setback when you're popping wheelies into a bright future.

Thanks for the support, as usual, and keep up the good work.

--Jimmy Hallyburton, Boise

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