Mail and Commentary March 16, 2011 

"All legal citizens should carry at least one gun ..."

--Legalcitizen ("House Committee Approves Campus Concealed Weapon Bill," Citydesk, March 9, 2011)

Middle Class Attack

I love the Boise Weekly and thoroughly enjoyed the coverage of the upheaval in the Middle East in the previous issue. So please cover the profoundly devastating political turmoil that has befallen our nation and state.

Certain aspects of Tom Luna's educational reform plan like tenure and merit pay obscure the larger and more troublesome issues of mandatory online classes and the erosion of middle- and working-class rights.

This budget crisis comes on the heels of a multi-billion dollar bailout of the banking system precipitated by deliberately reckless and greedy decisions made by powerful CEO's on Wall Street who still have not done a single day of jail time. This indicates a larger shift in American society and politics from a democracy of the people and for the people to an oligarchical system where the top strata of wealthy society control the government.

Last year the Supreme Court allowed corporations and unions unlimited spending on political ads, making politicians more beholden to the interests of their campaign financiers than the people they represent. In Wisconsin, the people have agreed to cuts that will balance the budget, but Gov. Scott Walker is bent on breaking the unions. This issue is not about being pro or anti-union, Republican or Democrat, it is about the destruction of the middle and working class through a systematic attack on their rights to organize and have a voice.

--McCale Ashenbrener, Boise

Tsk, Tsk

Driving by Riverside Elementary last week I saw, during school hours, a teacher and her students holding signs in opposition to the education reform legislation. She was using her students' class time to advocate on behalf of her collective bargaining rights. I suppose any who disagreed with her were left back in the class (as if).

The Idaho Education Association says to "remember in November" (apparently referring to 2012). Trust me, this taxpayer will.

--Thomas V. Munson,Boise

Gunning For It and Against It

The following comments are from They were posted in a discussion about a bill to approve concealed weapons on Idaho's university campuses.

This is both a good and bad idea. I don't trust college students not to freak out under stress, even if they were approved to own a handgun and conceal it with a permit. Then again, if someone freaks out and no one is around to take 'em out, a lot of lives could be lost.

--Lynne Martin

Do you only feel safe on campus and in federal buildings? Idaho doesn't require a permit to carry openly, and one can carry everywhere else. People who are afraid of guns only make them that much more dangerous. I don't trust teenagers with cars or cell phones and we let them have both and they are 10 times more likely to kill someone than a person who responsibly carries a handgun.

--Quinn Anderson

If there is a problem with concealed weapons laws, then let's talk about that and not worry about college campuses. This legislation is a waste of time.

--Charlene Robertson

The bill also says that students are not allowed to bring their guns into dorms. So what do they do, leave them out on the lawn at night? Or better yet, in the ultra secure Boise State parking garages. Great idea.

--Lisa Dean-Erlander


In the March 9, 2011, edition we incorrectly stated the way in which Boise Contemporary Theater will use its Boise Weekly Cover Auction grant. While the funds will support the BCT Theater Lab, the program actually allows students to create new works for the BCT stage. Also, regrettably, we labeled Rep. Roy Lacey as a Republican. We regret both errors.

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