Mail and Commentary March 24, 2010 

Liberal Media Bias

I really tried. It's been months since I read through BW. I got tired of the hardcore liberal bias I read. You can write however you want for whomever you want, I am not promoting censorship. However, consider carefully who you are writing for. Who is your target audience? I picked up a recent paper and read in the opening paragraphs on immigration that "some people are patriots, and some care about reform." What? That phrase twisted people concerned about national sovereignty into haters. That is not true! I am 100-plus percent in favor of legal immigration. Illegal immigrants are in a precarious position where they are exploited, and their presence lowers everyone's wages. I tried again. Bill Cope's article on health insurance started out good, but then he threw in the obligatory insult, "there it is, explained so even a teabagger can understand it." So now people concerned with an ever-expanding government and taxes are stupid?

As I said before, who are you writing to? Liberals already read this paper. Extreme conservatives won't read it. If you want independents and libertarians such as myself to read, perhaps you shouldn't have such a condescending attitude toward people that aren't as liberal as yourself.

--Anthony R. Benson,



Reading Tom Edgar's letter (BW, Mail, Feb. 24, 2010), apparently he is one of millions suckered in by the so called Congressional Reform Act of 2010. CRA2010 is a petition circulated via e-mail. It contains a list of law changes purporting to restore Congress to the citizen legislature envisioned by the nation's founders.

Either through ignorance or deliberately, the petition's author implies conditions that don't actually exist: Congress doesn't pay Social Security tax--yes, they do. Congress doesn't pay for their health insurance--they do. Congress doesn't pay for their pension plan--they do. Congress votes themselves annual pay raises--they don't. Laws passed by Congress don't apply to them--they do. And so on and so forth, bogus.

I urge folks to Google "Congressional Reform Act of 2010." Notice how it has spread to countless Web sites perpetuating these myths to millions willing to believe any negative thing about their government.

I am not defending Congress' behavior. Lord knows they deserve most of the criticism they receive. But, as a U.S. citizen retired from a 20-year military career, I take offense at the circulation of a government reform petition based on falsehoods. I defended freedom of speech and press, but I didn't imagine that included freedom to perpetuate lies about the people's branch of government.

--John Ireland, Nampa

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