Mail & Commentary May 19-May 25 

"If a Wikipedia page on bukkake shows a broad with goo all over her, guess what--that's encyclopedic content."

--BK (, Citydesk, "FOX News Officially Steps into Activism," May 11, 2010)


Seems Bill Cope and a lot of Dems are PO'd at Walt Minnick because he would not "tow the party line" with ObamaCare (BW, Opinion, "Our Man in Nevada," May 12, 2010). For the record, I live in Mike Simpson's district. Twice, I heard Walt on Nate Shelman's radio talk show on KBOI where he explained why he was voting against the bill and both times he made the point that he was voting as he was because he was elected to represent the citizens of Idaho who had made their feelings quite clear on the legislation. It was refreshing to witness a member of Congress looking out for the folks back home instead of bowing to pressure from on high, that being the Speaker. We need more people "inside the beltway" that remember who put them there and whom they serve.

--Mark D. Zimmerman,Boise

No Kudos

The two major Republican candidates who want to go to the U.S. Congress from the 1st District of Idaho filled out a Tea Party questionnaire and stated they would like to remove the 17th Amendment allowing direct election of U.S. senators. Mr. Vaughn Ward and Mr. Raul Labrador want to return to the days of back rooms filled with cigar smoke where the good old boys at the state legislature picked one of their best buds to go to Washington, D.C. I am amazed that these "patriotic" citizens want to take away a cherished right, a right fought and paid for with the blood of countless thousands of American military men and women. Mr. Ward fought in Iraq so that the Iraqis could vote, yet he is willing to strip Americans of that same right? Mr. Labrador is no better. Anyone espousing such radical notions should not be given the time of day, much less be elected to high office. How sad for our country.

--Mark Klinger,Boise

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