Mail and Commentary May 23, 2012 


Your story on Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Primary elections (, Citydesk, "Primary 2012: North Idaho GOP Moderates Wind ... In Spite of Wayne Hoffman," May 16, 2012) makes several incorrect comments. I would like to set the record straight. First, IFF does not endorse in elections. It does not support candidates nor does it oppose candidates. It does not give money to candidates. To suggest, as you did, that I or my organization wanted certain people to win in the election is not accurate. Second, Idaho Freedom Foundation's Freedom Index covered about 150 bills this last legislative session. To claim, as Sen. Shawn Keough did, that our Freedom Index is a narrow review of the legislative session is far from true. Finally, we have never suggested that legislators are "big spenders" merely by passing a budget as the Legislature is constitutionally obligated to do. What we have said is that the 2012 Legislature passed a general fund budget with a 7-percent increase over the previous year. Too few legislators objected. Yes, the Legislature must pass a budget. It should have passed a smaller one.

--Wayne Hoffman,

executive director,Idaho Freedom Foundation

Do Not Like

I wanted to voice my distaste for Boise Weekly posts on Facebook. While I enjoy having the ability to see highlighted stories, access links to the website, right on my news feed throughout the day, I find the comments that your staff includes on the posts offensive. Often they are snide and condescending remarks about some issues that I truly care about. The story and post that Boise Weekly's Cobweb ran on Project 404 is a great example of how whoever is posting the stories on Facebook is rude, for a lack of a better word. (Not to mention that article was probably the worst thing I have ever read with BW's name on it.)

I do enjoy and appreciate the fact that Boise Weekly and its staff are allowed expression but I find the comments on Facebook unwarranted or just annoying. A recent post called everyone who read it a "hoser"--why? It comes across as incredibly arrogant and I hate Boise Weekly's Facebook because of it. Please make it stop. I just want your wit and story, not someone's cranky, snide, condescending remarks.

--Brittany O'Meara,


Thank YOu

On behalf of the Bunyaad Oriental Rug Program at Ten Thousand Villages, Ephrata, Pa., and the 850 artisan families that we work with in Pakistan, we thank the Boise community for a wonderful sixth Fair Trade Oriental Rug Event hosted by Dunia Marketplace in Boise's historic Hyde Park. This event helps to provide employment with a living wage to artisans in Pakistan who knot Oriental carpets within their homes. This year, the rug artisans are especially challenged by the rising costs of food and other necessities of living. Every rug sold at this event gave a job with a living wage that will help sustain the artisans during this difficult time. The Boise community was not only supportive in their purchases of these pieces, all crafted by fairly paid adults, but also in their willingness to help promote this special event. We thank the local businesses and individuals that have helped to promote this event by hosting brochures and posters. Thank you for this kind reception and supporting fair trade and making a difference in the world!

--Dede Leister,Bunyaad Oriental Rugs at Ten Thousand Villages,

: Ephrata, Pa.

End Panhandling

I was reading the small piece about panhandling in the April 18 issue (BW, Citydesk, "City Talks Panhandling Ban and Graffiti"), and I've been wondering why the city hasn't cracked down harder on these people.

I actually dread going to the grocery store because of these people and their bent up cardboard signs that they pull out of their backpacks when it's time to make a little money for cigarettes or another drink.

It used to be one per corner but now it's nothing to see three or four at a time taking turns with a sign while the others are standing, sitting or sleeping on the grounds--some even drinking a beer.

I've spoken to several men and women that spend time at Corpus Christie and some are on Social Security, they have a place to sleep, they have free food and clothes, access to computers but still go out to the street with a sign.

I personally would like to see all panhandling stopped and if more help is needed for these people then provide that help, especially for families.

I'm not uncaring or selfish. When I was working and was able to give, I donated food, clothing and furniture. When a person doesn't have a lot, it doesn't take a lot to get them started.

--Judy Taylor,Boise

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