Mail and Commentary November 3, 2010 

Quote of the Week: "The editors of this paper are being robbed if they are compensating you in any way."

--J.Sloan (BW, Opinion, "Cowpoke Tao," Oct. 27, 2010)

Play Nice or Don't play at All

BW's Best of Boise Editors' Picks edition lamented a loss of courtesy among bicyclists in our area. I completely agree with this assertion. As a bike commuter and downtown worker, I use many of our most popular bikeways. I wave or nod at nearly every cyclist I see, but maybe one in every 50 cyclists returns the greeting. What the hell is up with that?

I observe this attrition of courtesy elsewhere around Boise. It is established tradition to give a polite wave to oncoming traffic when on desert or mountain back roads. Now it's like pulling teeth to get a wave from a driver out there. Hell, even the local rave scene has witnessed an erosion of their peace-love-unity-respect foundation. PLUR-ignorant partiers abound at every big event these days.

Hey newcomers! This ain't California/Missouri/New York or wherever the hell else you came from. We're (mostly) glad you're here but know that Idaho is different. Our quality of life is second to none, and we aim to keep it that way. Hey oldtimers! Don't lose your friendliness just because there's lots more people in Idaho. Teach the newbies by example. Courtesy: It's how we roll!

--Tim Ernst,Boise

On Stinky Burley and the Cagle Columnist

"The truth sometimes hurts!"

--I da the Ho,

"... I was struck by how high schoolish the article felt, as if what's her name, Finn's girlfriend from Glee, was having a hissy fit."


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