Mail and Commentary October 11, 2010 

"His client is 'over a barrel'?! An oil barrel or a pork barrel most probably. 'Economic hardship'? Again, we're talking about Big Oil here. Has anyone heard that they are hard up lately?"

--Mii, (, Citydesk, "Debate Over Mega-Loads Makes Its Way to Idaho's High Court," Oct. 6, 2010)

No, You're the Best

Another Best of BW, another incredible display of why living in Boise is so great. Over the past decade, it is great to see folks investing in the local scene, and going to Bittercreek instead of TGIFridays. Thank you for the tremendous resource you put out each week and for all of the hard work put into the BOB. I think I will be hitting up every best o' food location and then try to bike off the extra pounds by BOB 2011.

--Jimmy Hallyburton,Boise

Death Panel

As one of the first cases brought before the Affordable Care Act's (aka "ObamaCare") "Death Panel," when I read Susan Johnson (Federal Health and Human Services Region 10) I had to laugh (, Citydesk, "Regional Health Director Tells Wasden to 'Take a Breath,'" Sept. 23, 2010). Death Panel? You betcha.

Last month I was sent from Alaska to the University of Washington and then Idaho for treatment and evaluation of liver damage due to autoimmune hepatitis (from the harassment by a former employer--a school district run by the city). When my employer found out about my condition, I was fired four days later. Because COBRA insurance terminated, no medical institution wants to proceed with treatment until assured they will be paid. I have filed for Social Security Disability, Medicaid, State Public Assistance, EEOC, Worker's Compensation and the City Assembly. They were denied or are still in process.

Unless Johnson wants to put her money where her mouth is and expedite my case, I will consider that she has voted against me in one of the first "Death Panels."

--Eugenia Horne,Nampa

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