Mail and Commentary October 20, 2010 

It's All About Nov. 2

Republicans, Democrats and Independents of Idaho: If you don't take a serious look at Keith Allred for governor, you are missing the best opportunity our state has had in a very long time. It's not just a campaign slogan--Keith is truly a candidate for all Idaho. It would seem like a dream to have a governor who has the skill, the intelligence and the desire to bring all sides together to work on bettering our future. Make that dream come true--vote Allred.

--Judy L. McHone,Stites

The race for governor of Idaho is starting to turn nasty. Jana Kemp, the Independent, has been running a David and Goliath battle against Butch using for almost a year. Recently on a Cadillac Eldorado, I saw a "Butch" bumper sticker next to an altered bumper sticker. "" had been changed in a way that most women would find very offensive.

--Pete Petersen,Boise

I am distressed about the ads running in support of HJR4. The ads talk of "mandates from Washington" and "Washington taking more and more control of health care in Idaho." The ad then asks voters to say "yes" to HJR4. The problem? HJR4 addresses an issue that has nothing whatsoever to do with Washington, mandates or control. It addresses an Idaho law that state-run hospitals must put forth a ballot measure in order to raise money for expansions of facilities, staff or equipment. This is an Idaho-only situation, but is being marketed with a Tea Party style "down with big Washington" line that has nothing to do with the reality of the situation. HJR4 might be worth voting for, as it eliminates the need for an election for every hospital expansion, but the marketing is so dishonest and inflammatory that it almost deserves to be defeated just on principle.

--Patrick Storey,Boise

Government was invented to do what people could not do and what corporations would not do.

Hence we are blessed with social security, minimum wage, clean drinking water, safe food, effective medicines, mining safety laws, well maintained highways and public education. The debate is not about big or small government, it is about whose side the government is on.

To you Tea Partiers out there shaking the bushes: Do you really think the economy will do better if we just let the banks and the oil companies and the insurance companies do whatever they please? We have already tried these ideas. For a good part of the last decade we tried these ideas, and see where they led us.

The Bush economy was based on personal debt, the housing bubble, trade deficits, stagnant wages and a growing gap between rich and middle class. Now, Republicans want to repeal progressive legislation, reinstate tax cuts for the wealthy and return to the same old economic agenda that got us into this mess.

We can return to what we know did not work or we can build a stronger future. We can go backward or forward. The November election is about that very choice.

--Sherrie Goff,Pocatello

Regarding BW's Recent Locavore rReview

Your article was nothing more than a pre-determined assassination campaign against our 6-month-young restaurant which abused the liberty implied by your self-imposed license for slander and bias (BW, Food, "Locavore," Oct. 20, 2010).

What objective food reviewer utilizes three-quarters of her article to create and exploit a chasm between our name and our evolving practice in learning and navigating the tricky waters of this particular farm-to-table market? Incidentally, over 60 percent of our menu is either made in-house or sourced locally. Was it just low-hanging journalistic fruit or the thrill of an easy kill that fueled your motivation? You were too quick to conclude and too harsh to judge.

We certainly do apologize for the quality of the chicken that was served to you on your single visit. I can assure you that particular incident represented the rarest of quality escapes in the history of our kitchens. We have never had a Heath Department violation or anything other than perfect inspections of our inventory, facilities and our handling and storage procedures. Why did you not allow us any chance to address, explain or correct something that has never happened to us before?

It appeared that the review was already written before your visit, letting your preconceptions taint and tarnish your experience. Celebrating our locality within a neighborhood is our mission. Utilizing as many local ingredients as possible, when seasonally appropriate and economically sensible is our practice ... making a buck off a buzzword is not.

--Mitchell Thompson, Co-owner Locavore,Boise

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