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Rex on Obama Tags

Several years ago, I was introduced to the LDS father of a friend. Perhaps because it was MLK Day, I was treated to a lengthy diatribe about the evil nature of Dr. King. It was therefore no surprise to me that the man who joked about Obama tags is from Rexburg. It appears even a special revelation from God isn't enough to sway some people. Rex can count on those like him to vote for him, but my savior's regular-old revelations tell me to love my neighbor, and I'm going to put my trust in those who stand up for love and up to hate. Rex won't be getting my vote.

--Laura Taylor, Boise

Rex Rammell is a poor role model for those of us who do not appreciate his "sarcasm." Hasn't he learned when you're running for public office that everything you say is recorded somewhere by somebody and you have to watch what you say? Thank you for covering this topic.

--Ann Roberts, West Richland, Wash.

Dummy Say What?

I would guess that Mr. Cope intended, when he put pen to paper, to present a well-reasoned argument (BW, Opinion, >"Fascism for Dummies," Aug. 26, 2009). But I could be wrong. I'm not familiar enough with his columns to know for sure. But I would think that he (as well as his editors) would have recognized his willing suspension of rationality in his column about fascism. 

He proudly asserts that he has never, nor will ever read a book which he seems to think he is debunking. So without seeking to be informed about an argument, he feels comfortable completely dismissing the argument. And in his world, that passes for the type of critical thinking that he purports to espouse? 

Silly me. I thought that a dialogue would best take place when people listened to each others' views and arguments and interacted with them to try to come to some better and more complete understanding. But it is apparently more fun and makes for better reading to simply issue an uninformed dismissal of an opposing view, then move into the obligatory diatribe against traditional liberalism (known to Mr. Cope as right wing thuggery) and finish off with the coup de grace ... a personal attack against his opponent with just a dash of ridicule aimed at Fox News. And that is what passes for thoughtful progressive dialogue?

--Peter A. Wierenga,

Boise and Eugene, Ore.


Do you remember the children's story by Dr. Seuss called, Yertle the Turtle? Does it remind you of [President Barack] Obama? Does he think he is a king?

Even as we speak, Obama is building a civilian army to protect himself. Who is he protecting himself from?

I am very afraid of him. I am afraid of the people he is surrounding himself with. I am afraid of his beliefs and his socialist/progressive ideals.

Why does he need a national security civilian force? Is it to threaten us if we don't shut up and obey? And why does he need a "czar" to protect him from talk show radio hosts? Doesn't all this ring a bell? Doesn't it literally raise a red flag? When do we all wake up America? Must we revisit one of the worst times in history? Only this time will it be Americans instead of Russians who are subjugated by the corrupt government?

Enjoy your freedom while you can "citizen."

--Shawna Shearer,


Capitalize on Wolves

It has occurred that Idaho is missing a great opportunity to live up to its moniker, "Wild Idaho," by failing to tap into the growing trend in wildlife viewing. And, as part of wildlife viewing, wolves should be included. Yellowstone, and its associated communities, tap into a $35-million wolf-viewing business annually. Can't think of any community with abundant wildlife that would turn down a fraction of that kind of monetary influx and the associated jobs for outdoor equipment retailers and manufacturers, outfitters and guides, plus various support businesses. We recognize that wolves are a very fractious subject these days, with wolf hunting looming on the horizon, but it seems, in this time of economic challenge, shortsighted not to explore all possible opportunities for economic diversity and growth. Throughout our country, hunting is trending downward, and wildlife viewing is trending upward. Let's consider capitalizing on this movement.

--Ann Hill,


Health-care Reform is Good

Health-care reform isn't socialized medicine and will not lead to rationed care. You'll still be able to choose your own doctor and health insurance plan.

Under health-care reform, any decisions regarding your health will continue to be made by you, your doctor and your family, not by the government.

We can't afford not to fix health care. If we do nothing now, the cost of health-care premiums will double in the next seven years.

Health-care reform will strengthen, not hurt, Medicare. For people in Medicare, reform will protect your benefits, ensure you can choose your doctor and strengthen Medicare so it's there for your children and grandchildren.

--Evelyn Raezer, Emmett

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