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Sick and Broke and Nowhere To Go

I started out my morning calling the doctor to see if I could get in. I'm on day five of my cough and cold and wanted to get some medicine. I spoke to the receptionist who told me it would be $160 for my visit because I have no insurance. I asked her what I should do since I can't afford that right now. She explained that I should go to the emergency room and they will not bill me immediately. As most know, a visit to the ER costs roughly $500. With bills piling up, I have opted to try to sit it out a few more days.

What really makes me upset is that I know what I need. It's the same thing that happens to me twice a year. An upper respiratory infection. I need a dose of prednisone and some antibiotics.

Angry, I began to look into what our state reps are saying about health care. I entered [Sen.] Mike Crapo's Web site and found when it came to universal health care he states, "I am opposed to such a system as it would certainly lower the quality of care that Americans enjoy." What quality am I "enjoying" when I can't even afford to walk in the door? This got me looking further into it. Nearly one third, or 421,000, of Idahoans under the age of 65 are without health insurance. He goes on to explain how Canadians have to wait months for some treatments. Any treatment that needs to be done right away to save a life in Canada is done right away. I've talked to Canadians and they love their health-care system. Seems to me that Mr. Crapo has never had to make the choice between going to the doctor or buying groceries. I'd love to do both.

--Bob Fries,


Art Should Suck

Here is a quote for Jerry [Outlaw] about his critique of cover art ("Cover Art for the Eye," Mail, BW, Sept. 16, 2009): "The key to good art is not being 'good' but sucking boldly and honestly."

--Jeffrey Johnston,


Battle: Open Carry

I do not fear a car accident, but I wear my seat belt. I do not fear a bicycle accident, but I wear a helmet. I do not fear that myself or my family will be victimized, but I own a gun. These men are not fearful paranoids ("Have gun? No Pizza?" News, BW, Oct. 7, 2009). These men are trying to renew awareness of your lawful right to carry a gun openly in public. Do their guns frighten you? Why? Who is the paranoid now? The very few people who would want to harm you would not openly carry their weapon. I commend these men for their efforts and encourage others to openly carry their guns. This is something that I have thought of doing for a while. I'm inspired, time to find a nice comfortable holster for my Glock .40


BW online

Has anyone pointed out to the two gunslingers that, judging from their photo, they are more likely to die from diabetes, heart failure or hypertension than from something they can defend themselves against with a gun? That greasy restaurant grub is more likely to hasten their demise than anything bullets will save them from. Do those two even have health insurance? If not, they should worry more about that than showing off their hardware.

--Roberto Ceniceros,


What is Idaho law like with regards to giving notice to patrons? Some states require signs, while others simply require notice given (which verbal counts). These guys were polite, regardless, and should have shown the fearful that their restaurants weren't going to be shot up.

"Old West"--straw man for the ignorant. The "Old West" they think of only existed in Hollywood movies.


BW online

B.O.B. mea culpa

We bought the wrong vowel when we referred to the Crescent's Judge Jody as Judge Judy in Sept. 30's write-up for Best Sports Bar. The proprietress is the former. And to clarify, Boise's best tat shop, Inkvision, takes walk-ins. We were kidding when we said it would be faster to go to Europe to get a tat than to get on the waiting list. So what are you waiting for? Walk in, already.

Quote of the Week

"There is no difference between a law-abiding armed citizen and a cop. In fact, I trust the citizen to have better judgment myself. Cops are too full of themselves and trigger happy."


BW online

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