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"Now you go ahead and have your mudslinging jollies, but don't imply that we Fraziers have hind teats!"


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Hot Topic: The Streetcar

The BW hubbub all week was over the city's proposed streetcar plan. From to Facebook to proper letters, it was all about the streetcar (BW, citydesk, "Streetcar it Because, Well, Yes You Can," Oct. 14, 2009).

Well, you are wrong about who supports [the trolley]. I live in the proposed impact area of the streetcar and I am very opposed to the streetcar. It is a dumb idea that won't help anything and may even make things worse. If someone was really serious about transportation, they should look at starting with university to downtown or airport to downtown and not a silly loop around a few blocks that are incredibly easy to walk. A better bus system would be much more scalable both up and down and would have less impact to traffic.


BW online

I absolutely support a trolley system. It is a quality of life issue and adds to the downtown ambiance. Unfortunately quaint little trolley cars may get nixed, for now, because of the economy.

--Burny Wells, Facebook

It's a waste of money that could definitely be put to better use ... like, oh, I don't know, creating jobs for the jobless? Or maybe even to use toward the budget deficit? It's not like downtown is so big that we need a trolley to get from one end to the other. A little exercise is a good thing!

--Sharon Sullivan,


LDS Liberals and Conservatives Take Issue with Beck

And "Latter-Day Taint," (BW, Feature, Oct. 14, 2009), elicited a couple of interesting (and lengthy) responses. Due to space constraints, the lengthier letters are not reprinted here, but log onto for a good read over the comments.

Great article. Converts to Mormonism make the best proselytizers, which is what Beck is doing, unbeknownst to most of his listeners. Mormonism might have drawn Beck in because of his conservatism, but it's also a perfect place for his paranoid mania.


BW Online

Boy, if people want to talk about conspiracies! I like how this whole article is about how a single guy who rants on the radio is going to lead a whole church into destruction and possibly cause Americans (who have always been suspicious of their government, i.e. checks and balances, in our own Constitution) to be aware of what is happening. Besides that I am not sure what harm he does. People have a choice of whether or not you want to listen to him. I am pretty sure there hasn't been a time in American history when there has not been an extreme opinion on both sides of political debates.

I am Mormon, in no way does Beck represent our teachings and I think it is very important to note that the reason his Mormonism isn't brought up is because he doesn't bring it up on purpose. He doesn't quote the Mormon prophet Ezra Benson because that's not the reason he is quoting him. Obviously some of his beliefs play a role in how he gives information, I am pretty sure the writer of this article has beliefs that caused him or her to give this information. Duh!

Also to clarify, I am not aware of any belief that I have that the government is the Devil, that sounds like the water boy's mom!

Satan is in opposition of happiness, which I believe is closely tied to freedom, with that in mind his work naturally becomes the elimination of those elements from people's lives.

A strong skepticism of Communism is because lack of freedom especially when freedom is controlled by people who sadly tend to be or become power hungry and greedy usually leads to despair. And the forced decision to do good brings no opportunity for the individual to learn and better his or herself, which often comes best by making mistakes as well!


BW online

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