Mail April 22-April 28, 2009 

Hey Sec,Public Means Public

Since taking office in January, Secretary Ken Salazar has prioritized renewable energy. Many of us are hoping that he does indeed understand that he is a steward of our public lands and not the servant of the oil industry and other corporate interests.

With the Obama administration having said that it places conservation and renewable energy issues high on its agenda, these first steps made—canceling oil and gas leases on the edge of Utah national parks and historic sites on nearby public lands—should be only the first of many more.

Secretary Salazar should continue to promote reforms needed to make sure our fragile western landscapes are allowed to heal from previous destructive practices. He should also work to ensure that even more public lands will be protected from the possibility of destructive corporate pillage and other sorts of misuse and abuse. He should continue to take steps and make decisions that insist on balance in and on the lands that belong to everyone.

The Obama administration will presumably back the secretary as he works to carry out these protections and reforms. Let's do whatever we can to make sure that our public lands are protected and cherished.

—Susan Herndon, Boise

Wolf Clap

I would like to praise the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for their work in the wolf saga. Even though the pro-wolf factions spread half-truths, and have played on people's emotions and feelings, the IDFG have stayed the course, and done the best they could. Scientific fact: wolves consume the equivalent of three-plus elk monthly. Multiply that by the number of wolves we have and then take a look at how many are killed by automobiles. I think you will find a disparity with the advertisements on the radio. We all know that wolves are here to stay, so instead of spreading manure, we need to work together and find an amicable resolution. Wolves have only one natural adversary, man. Man needs to keep them in check, contraception doesn't work. We can add money to the state coffers by hunting instead of paying professional hunters.

—Bruce Cooper, Boise

Cross Over Crossing

Max Black is a scab for crossing a workers' picket line. According to Jack London, a scab is a traitor to his fellow man. Max Murphy and his sisters and brothers who fight for area working standards are heros.

—Reg Jackson, Boise

What you missed with BW online this week ...

In response to Tara Morgan's one-thumb-up-one-thumb-down assessment of Mirah's Neurolux concert you had this to say:

"Aw snap."

—Chelsea Snow, Facebook

"I believe she said to Steve ... can you please make my voice NOT sound like Darth Vader ... but I was listening so ..."

—Zach Jones, Facebook

And on last week's review of Caldwell's Mancino's Pizza & Baked Subs ...

"The girl was right ... the Italian Combo is the killer sub!"

—Judy Ferro, Facebook

"Mmmm, makes me want to take a drive out to Caldwell ..."

—Mark Solon, BW online

"You'all brisket loving transplants need to leave your prejudices behind, quit following all the loser restaurants moving out of Boise and stop following the old Oregon Trail to take the time to find Caldwell's downtown and out of the way eateries. Some good eats to be had there."

—ericn1300, BW online

Bill Cope riled a few feathers with last week's column, "Self-Conscience," on the pharmacy bill that would allow pharmacists to refuse to fill a prescription that is against his or her conscience ...

"'That it is, at heart, just one more of those back-door maneuvers the pious right use to get the rest of us to either behave ourselves or have a baby to raise as punishment. I can even imagine that in some places—Eastern Idaho comes to mind—there are pharmacists who hadn't actually realized that their consciences were telling them they shouldn't be selling birth control, not until their local religious authorities told them what their consciences should be telling them.' Hey there, Mr. Cope, you call the so-called religious right 'pious.' Then you speak with intellectual piousness about what would appear from the tone of the paragraph an inbred, blindly religious population of Eastern Idaho. Unearned piousness comes in many forms sir. I believe hypocritical intellectual piousness may top the list."


BW online

And on Ted Rall's "Barack Obama, Torture Enabler," in which he posited that only Spain would have the balls to go after Bush's Justice Department ...

"These highest of all crimes were nothing if not acts of cowardice. To not prosecute them even more so. America home of the cowards, Spain home of the brave. I urge Americans of all stripes to demand that their representatives investigate/prosecute these highest of all crimes. To not do so makes us all complicit in them."

—eddieo, BW online

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