Mail April 29-May 5, 2009 

On Tea Baggers and Nut Jobs

I noticed old Lenore Barrett was a prominent—I use the word loosely—speaker at the tea bagger's ball, too (BW, Opinion, "Grin and Barrett," April 22, 2009). Perfect! Birds of a feather. But you don't have to go all the way to Challis to find a real nut job. You have one right there in Meridian—Shirley you jest McKague.

—BigGear, BW online

Flown the Coop

"Hope and Change" was always a pretty vacuous slogan, and I even said so during the election. I was stunned when, in July 2008, [Sen. Barack] Obama voted for the Bushies' telecom immunity bill, which legalized warrantless wiretapping, and for the bailout bill in September 2008. By the time election day rolled around on Nov. 4, 2008, I realized that Obama would be "Bush lite." Nevertheless, with great misgivings, I voted for Obama (to my everlasting shame) mainly because McCain/Palin would have been worse. I find it amusing that the right wing keeps accusing Obama of being "too liberal" and a "socialist." That makes as much sense as calling Al Gore a global-warming denier, or accusing Mother Teresa of being cruel and selfish. I should have voted for Ralph Nader. I know that he couldn't have won, but at least I'd then have a clear conscience, and the moral authority to say I voted for the only decent candidate. Of course, if enough Obama voters had voted for Ralph Nader, John McCain would have won. But maybe that wouldn't have been so bad—at least we would have gotten the satisfaction of watching America self-destruct with a Republican in office. Now that the country is circling the drain with the Democrats in office, the Republicans are blaming it all on "liberals." They are in total denial about their own role in pushing us over the cliff. I've given up. I just recently left the [United States], permanently. America, nation of my birth, has no future. Even if Nader gets elected in 2012, he will have nothing to do but preside over a smoking ruin.


BW online

Ditch the Trucks

I read the article, "More Big Wheels," (BW, News, April 15, 2009) and agree that reducing truck congestion and pollution is a great idea.

I was disappointed, however, that one of the "greenest" options I can think of did not even warrant a mention—using the rail/train system that is already in place. While shipping a product a long distance using a triple decker might help a little bit, getting those trailers off the roads completely would help a lot. Not to mention the added benefits of having safer roads with fewer trucks, which would also save our roads from the huge wear and tear the trucks give them.

Maybe then the governor's big highway maintenance bill and where the money will come from wouldn't be such a big issue.

—Debey Sklenar,


Stop Torture

We cannot move forward as President Obama says unless we remove the tainted practice of torture. How can we hold our heads up when we see the awful things done to human beings?

Please, no more torture. Our great country was made for better things and we must preserve truth, honor and compassion. Torture has made more enemies! Thank you.

—Helen Wasson,


Full Coverage May Not Be So Full

Like most people I "assume" that when I insure my vehicle with "full coverage," I am getting just that. Coverage that takes care of the vehicle, its occupants and anything I damage.

Well, not so with motorcycle insurance, at least not with State Farm. State Farm only covers the bike, unless you have coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. This means that if you are riding along and have someone on the back of your bike like a girlfriend or boyfriend or just a friend, they are not covered if you have an accident. In fact, neither are you as the driver/rider.

I've been told this is nothing new with State Farm. When looking at State Farm's home page, they boast insuring motorcycles for over 40 years. In fact here's what they cover according to their home page:

Available Coverage Options: Bodily injury to someone else or property damage that you accidentally caused while riding your motorcycle. Bodily injury to yourself because of an accident with an uninsured motorist. Damage to your motorcycle caused by an accident. Theft, fire, vandalism, and other losses even while your motorcycle is in storage for the winter. Customization work, such as paint or upgraded components. Attached side cars.

The bottom line is when buying insurance, don't "assume" that when insuring your motorcycle with "full-coverage" you are getting the same kind of coverage you get on your car, ASK.

—Brian Lind,


Not Plugged in to BW Online?

On Jon Metz's Street Spit, a weekly column that appears online featuring some of the city's most interesting characters, one reader had this to say:

Dude, this page is rad. I wish the Boise Weekly had more rad stuff like this (, Street Spit, "Cannibal Corpse: The Fans," April 14, 2009).

—eatthevegan, BW online

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