Mail April 8-April 14, 2009 

April Foolin'

A smattering of comments from Facebook, Twitter, online comments and e-mails regarding last week's "Final Edition":

Absolutely beautiful. You guys have put even The Onion to shame with this one. Thanks for the belly laugh ...

—Olga, BW online

I think you should have called it The Weekly Fireplace Monitor or the Treasure Valley Garbage Collector. I hope you don't really think that just because we don't wear shoes in Idaho that we would be so simple as to buy into your silly ploy to spread your political trash in our great city. We'll miss Sally and the local voice of reality. Shame on you Treasure Valley Weekly Post, for your sideways purchase and secrecy to the people here in Idaho. Just know ... you reap what you sow.

—barmi04, BW online

My personal favorite bit was the reference to the editors supposedly dropping all political toons in the Weekly, save for the "new addition" of that absolute joke of a strip, "Mallard Fillmore." As a cartoonist myself, I found this very amusing, seeing as Bruce Tinsley is a complete hack, a right wing tool with no real sense of what's humorous, who can barely draw a straight line. Classic.

And then later: Oops! Almost forgot this gem quote: "But our operating philosophy concerning any work of art is that if it wouldn't be suitable for retail sale in an RC Willey furniture showroom, then it certainly isn't suitable for Page-One exposure on an N-Corp-Al newspaper." Again, as an artist, this had me in stitches ... great work, guys!

—karcreat2, BW online

Having had the misfortune of working for Mr. Murdoch in Washington, D.C., I have to say I really love this piece of work. Congratulations to the author. Well done. In 1993, Murdoch's Christmas "bonus" to the employees of WTTG-TV was a VHS tape of the movie Home Alone (20th Century - Fox Film Corp). In 1994 we got Home Alone 2. I had already accepted a job at KBCI in Boise so I sent my copy back to the NewsCorp HQ in New York City with a note to Rupert suggesting he go to hell and take his phuking VHS tape with him. It was a deeply satisfying moment for me. I realized Rupert would never see my note but I'll bet some poor schmuck in the basement mailroom pinned it to the message board for a few days because I know that 99 percent of Murdoch's employees would love to have the privilege of pulling the plug on his life support system someday.

—RonnieG, BW Online

OMG! You gave me a heart attack. Don't ever do that again!!! I just can't imagine living in Idaho and enduring this political climate without my Boise Weekly. And how would I plan my week/weekend without you??? No Cope?? I couldn't go on ... made me realize just how much I appreciate you guys. Thanks for 17 years and counting!!!

—reezie, BW online

You bastards. I had my shoes and jacket on and was about to drive down to the goddamn BW headquarters and put a brick through your front window. I love you, BW, but I don't have to like you right now.

—tomato ketchup, BW online

This is an outrage! I have been in Boise since 2006 and relied on the BW to provide the kind of real journalism that some of us need in this world of endless bullshit. I used to be a server at one of the more expensive downtown restaurants and remember the owner/editor frequently from the lunch crowd. She was friends with the owner of the restaurant. I remember her having extravagant lunches including oysters and martinis, and wearing her over-priced clothing. Maybe if she had been more creative in her marketing endeavors, been less indulgent with expenses, and a bit more subdued in her material goods, Boise would still have its voice. We now have an editor of a blandly named publication who has lived in Boise for two weeks!? How is this person to know which direction to take the paper? What does he even know about the city? At this point, frankly, I don't care. The last thing we need is someone from the outside coming in, directing the reporting of our local news/politics/happenings/opinions. I will dearly miss the BW, and hope that Sally realizes that the financial mistakes and lack of guile she has shown (in creative marketing/advertising), is the reason for the downfall of the BW. The paper is a business, not a forum to put yourself in a spotlight among the higher ranks of society in Boise. Shame on her for keeping this a secret till the last issue. Shame on her period, she sold the paper to save herself! Maybe cutting her own salary could have saved it. Maybe working more with local businesses, and spending less on lunch, going green, and restructuring could have saved the paper? Who knows. None of us knows the real truth. As is painfully true in ALL media outlets. I will not read this "new" Treasure Valley Post. I have been to New York City several times since finishing school for business. I do not need someone's negative, convoluted, big city attitude or views, to pollute what's left of the "small town feel" in Boise. Shame, shame, shame on you Sally!! You have truly let Boise down. You should be ashamed!

Later: If this is an April Fool's joke, how awful to make people think something they love so dearly has been mismanaged and taken over. How cruel!

—Disgusted Boisean, BW online

And Publisher Sally Freeman's response: I had no idea that everyone was on to me. I thought my guileless hobnobbing with the high society of Boise in my expensive clothes eating endless amounts of oysters at my three-martini lunches was going unnoticed. Thanks for your constructive feedback on my poor lifestyle choices. I might still drink a martini every now and then but no more oysters or expensive clothes, I swear.

—Sally Freeman, faithful steward of Boise Weekly

OK, damnit. I heard about the change and couldn't get my hands on a copy, so I read it online. I can't believe you freaking people! I have been reading the BW forever and was going to call to place an ad for my new plumbing business, but that thought was gone when I heard about the change. I could feel my anger rising with each line I read ... until I got to the part about "RC Willey" and the celebrity thing. Then I finally had the sense to check the date of the front page. As one who had played many a successful April Fool's joke, my hat is off to you, you got me good. Now please never do that again. Thanks for the rush.

—Will McCaw, Meridian

You dirty rotten sons-a-bitches! You got me so steamed that I was deep into a conspiracy theory that Murdoch's real aim was not the harmless liberal weekly rag that appeals to the useful idiots in the North and East Ends, but McClatchy. What an easy venue into the most right-wing state in the country, and bleed advertising dollars away from the Statesman? I wonder if folks over there got loose bowels last week?

—Jerry Quick, Boise

OK, call me the biggest fool but I am still not clear—is this an April Fool's joke or did you sell for real?

—PressClub, Twitter

Oh no!!! I'm so very, very sorry to hear this. I've read BW for years—it's a Boise staple. We won't be the same without you.

—gibknits, Twitter

This was April Fool's, right? A Murdoch paper in Boise? With no Bill Cope or snide remarks? Why buy the Boise Weekly to insult its entire readership!

—Judy Ferro, Facebook

Headline: BW April Fool's Day, 2009 Edition becomes a collector's item/scares the poop out of Boise residents!

—Courtney Feider, Facebook

The Great Shoe Debate

On the cover of the March 25 edition, artist Toby Robin painted a pair of shoes hanging from high-flying power lines. His cover sparked this letter to the editor:

Your cover Shoes by Tory Robin [sic] depicts a symbol of gangs. Shoes hung over a wire is a way gangs mark territory. I moved here from a large city where gangs used this method of hanging shoes over wires to mark territory.

We need to remove the shoes hanging off wires in the Treasure Valley and also remove graffiti left by gangs. Let's not promote or glorify the gang culture. Make the mayors and power companies aware that they should not leave shoes dangling on the wires.

Shoes are currently hanging on 11th and Main and Eighth and Idaho in downtown Boise. Let's get them down.

—Pamela Thompson,


So we put it up for discussion on Facebook and here's what readers had to say about what a pair of shoes hanging from power lines means:

Smelly feet were once here ...

—Alex Couey,


Some say crack dealers nearby. I say suburbanites trying be urbanites, if those shoes are hanging in Boise.

—Charles K. Forest,


A drug dealer's home is nearby.

—Peggy Larsen-Garrett,


I dare say it means different things. The first meaning I knew of (living far from here) was that you could get drugs nearby. I'd like to think it means something different, like "I would like to decorate this street with my shoes" around here. I don't think there are many (if any) "real" gangsters in Boise, but I think that the wannabes can be even more dangerous sometimes. Things to prove rather than just after money. Let's take it back. From now on it means "fan of Sesame Street."

—Alan Tumlinson Mebane,


It means never try to walk a tightrope with your shoelaces tied together.

—Steve Willhite,


... or never play leapfrog with a unicorn. A drug dealer's home is nearby? Pthh. Probably some kids trying to be cute.

—Doug Morgan,


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