Mail August 20-August 26, 2008 

Burn It All

Why don't you people take that "liberal rag" of a paper and do with it the same that I do. Burn it! Boise Weekly is only good for one thing and that is starting fires. Every time I see your displays, I take the whole stack of your trash paper and they end up as fire starters. Get out of Idaho! We hate liberalism for a reason and it pisses us off when your kind of trash come in and try to change it! Have a nice day.

—John Reid, unknown

Like It's 1984

For some time now I've been aware that the left is no longer liberal and that the right is no longer conservative. But as a former leftie and current non-partisan I've begun to wonder if our friends on the left have not largely left the realm of rational thought behind for good.

Back in the day, conservatives backed the Second Amendment while liberals could be counted on to cling to the First. The latter is no longer the case—it seems like the former defenders of free speech are throwing it to the dogs with no compunction whatsoever. A movie-making use of the word "retard" is guilty of "hate speech," according to some. Callers to an NPR talk show (a history teacher among them) want the names of assassins to be deleted from the pages of history and to never be heard in the first place. The sex lives of politicos apparently should also be off grounds to the media in the wake of the airing of John Edward's affair.

In a recent BW, a certain "Wild West," [whom] I tend to agree with in his main points, began his letter with: "It is very unusual and strange that religious types are permitted to spout the most outrageous nonsense. If an individual expressed similar extremist beliefs in a non-religious context, he or she would be dragged away ..." (BW, Letters, "On God and Gov't," Aug. 6, 2008) What country do we live in, Wild West? Have we not been able to mouth each of our ravings here all along, no matter how insane? And a Dave Merrell from Nampa is offended by a cartoon's slur to his burg (the validity of the slur apparently was of no consequence). Do we have a divine right not be offended, Dave? I don't know about you, but I can hardly leave my home or turn on my TV without being offended.

I assume that it's beyond argument here that a certain political faction which passes as conservative in the past several years has been wreaking havoc in our nation, and by extension, the rest of the world. How are we ever going to safeguard ourselves against their excesses and correct our course if folks on the left demand our tongues be tied on issue after issue? Soon, just uttering "yes" or "no" will be deemed too inflammatory or extreme. Why are the left and right together enacting George Orwell's worst nightmares, and why are we so ready to allow this to happen?

—Steve Vetter,


Love Him

Never, never, never would I have ever thought I'd be the person to stand up for Cope. He's pissed me off so much, I'd cross the street to avoid him. Man, Idaho really is what they say when it comes to extreme positions relative to gun rights. Settle down boys, the Wild West ended a couple of years ago, I'm told. We may return to that again, but today's social norms would give us a hint that you shouldn't be carrying a pistol around on your hip. You don't need to. I was pretty convinced that our society here in the U.S. of A. is pretty far down on the evolution scale when it came to carrying around firearms. I had hoped we had evolved. I am a strong defender of gun rights, but even I can see some lines that don't need to be crossed again. We don't need to have automatic weapons, we don't need to pack a six-shooter into a Boise State game. Someone help me, don't we have the worst record on gun deaths? So if I am to understand, some person wrote a study showing that 2 million crimes a year are prevented because of gun-packing people. Wow, and did someone not under the influence of drugs really buy in to that logic. Oh, that's right, guns don't kill people; people kill people. I guess door locks don't keep people out of my house, either. Sadly, and I really, really mean this, I am on Cope's side on this one. I keep hoping Idahoans will evolve socially and I am not the guy Cope is referring to in his article, but I agree with his lunch partner. Keep plugging (er, is that a good reference here?) away, Cope.

—Transplanted Tater, online

Or Hate Him

The right for those to open carry is protected by the Constitution just the same as your right to spew such filth. Most states where open carry is legal, it is because of lack of law prohibiting it. The facts are that gun ownership and carrying cuts down on crime. Proof enough is in observations of states and municipalities that restrict ownership and carrying. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that the people are a line of defense, the fact that the people are self-empowered to enforce the law in absence of an officer, and the fact that an armed populace keeps the government from abolishing your right to print such asinine trash. If you are so offended at the sight of a firearm, then lock yourself up in your home, just like you have your ignorant mind locked up.



Buses Better

I really enjoyed ["Training Wheels"] (BW, News, Aug. 13, 2008). Why a trolly with tracks is my question? Couldn't the city and local businesses enjoy the same results with greater flexibility by using the same planned outline but use a bus? Actually two buses running opposite would halve the waiting time and get a person across town in no time. No new tracks to add to the roads, just add the buses and run the route. The importance of adding a line to Boise State and Broadway can also be served the same way. The local businesses could still be approached for some of the advertising on the buses as well. As gas keeps going up, and we see more and more people riding their bicycles and purchasing scooters and motorcycles that we see parked all over downtown, a simple bus route addition or few can serve this need. The current bus system should also run through to midnight to allow people who don't work a standard 9-to-5 shift to commute home on the bus. People going out for dinner or to a show downtown could also take advantage of a later bus service. DUIs could be lessened knowing one could get home on the bus if it ran later. Save the work of putting in tracks and a whole new system. Our bus system is our answer and just needs to be tweaked a bit to serve a greater need.



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