Mail: 'I Told You So'; Trump Victory; Smoked out; 'Missed Opportunities' 

Dear Editor,

As America continues its downward spiral, it boggles my MENSA mind to piece together Trump's attraction. What do Trumpers think they'll take from the upcoming presidency? Do they think The Donald's ability to make money will rub off on them? Or what is it? Ooh, we get to put up a wall in the southern U.S.; ooh, we get to lose our health insurance along with, I'm sure, other benefits; ooh, we don't have to help the Little Guy anymore. All to protect the ex-middle class from any more losses. And to change the definition of "American" to one who excludes. Contrary to today's popular thought, fear and spite aren't great partners of decision making.

The day after the election, I applied for a job in a foreign country, so I empathize with those who want to flee an America they don't recognize anymore, where one's neighbors all seem like Martians whose minds have been marinated in mush. I even heard rumors that some Democrats who can afford to will be moving overseas. Yet why give the Republicans that satisfaction? Why conjure up that old "love it or leave it" slogan, which is simply another attempt to erode what it means to be American? We only have to love what America can be to stick around.

We need everyone here. We'll need clear thinkers in the years ahead, and they won't come from the Trump camp. Those Hillary supporters who can, even those who would never consider it, should run for office. Despite what Hillary requested in her concession speech, instead of giving Trump a chance we need to set up a coalition to mitigate the damage that will undoubtedly ensue from the coming administration.

As I said to my Republican husband after the second Bush had made it impossible for Americans to travel, among other travesties: "I told you so." If I have the chance to say the same about Trump, I hope we won't be standing knee deep in ruins.

—Henrietta More


Trump Victory

Dear Editor,

We are humbled and proud the American people have risen up in the face of Washington, D.C. This victory expresses what we as a nation have been feeling for so long: The desire and need for change.

Donald Trump will ensure that we once again have a government of, by and for the people.

With a Trump presidency we will finally be able to attack the deficit our country has had for so long by bringing our jobs home to American shores and renegotiating our trade agreements.

We will have constitutional judges who will protect our religious liberties and second amendment, and protect the precious lives of the unborn.

Donald Trump looks forward to representing all Americans and fulfilling his promise to make America safe again, to make America prosperous and make America Great Again.

—Layne Bangerter

Trump For President

Idaho State Director

Smoked Out

Dear Editor,

When is the city of Boise going to wise up and get serious about wood smoke pollution? I can't even walk from the front yard to the back yard when my neighbor's wood stove is damped down—the horrible smoke coming from their chimney is a choking hazard.

A recent study by Washington State University found that Boise residents inhale a stunning amount of particulate from their neighbors' wood stoves—even with all windows and doors closed.

—Jenny Niemeyer


'Missed Opportunities'

Dear Editor,

I attended the Boise Whitewater Park planning meeting [Nov. 2] and am confused at some of the missed opportunities. The city has hired Scott Shipley, of S2O Design, to design Phase 2 of the park. Scott is a three-time world champion whitewater slalom racer and former Olympian. Despite this, the city has not asked him to design any whitewater slalom features in the park, and said that they'll manage that "operationally." To put this in perspective, it's like paying Arnold Palmer to design a city park and telling him, "Don't worry about designing any holes for golf, we'll figure that out later on our own."

This is an historic missed opportunity for the city of Boise, but it's not too late. The park is in the design stage for Phase 2 and I hope the city will ask Mr. Shipley to plan some slalom portions of the park.

—Ben Jacob


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