Mail January 30-February 5, 2008 

Democracy in Action

Let me see if I have this right ... Owyhee County P&Z member Joe Weatherby rises to a challenge, educates himself on long-term energy issues, and chairs a task committee that churns out a written plan (BW, Feature, "The Nuclear Option," Jan. 16, 2008).

Enter Gov. Otter who "backs nuclear" and has (evidently) quietly supported and signed a bill that "essentially strips counties of authority over energy factory proposals," a bill that actually "forbade counties from considering any alternative energy options when they were considering the new production sites."

Is this how a democracy functions? Is this how a governor represents the people of Idaho? We'd better all wake up before it's too late to protest citizen rights at either the federal or state levels!

—Charles S. Link


Hole Responsibility

[Dave Eberle says] All you can do is cry. And pray the citizens are worried about something else when that hole is still there in four years. (BW, News, "The Hole Story," Jan. 23, 2008.)

At what point do we start to hold the CCDC and the city accountable? If we add up all the positives of the CCDC, and there are many, it still doesn't justify the monumental level of this screw-up by them. The mayor, city council and the CCDC have failed miserably on this and must be held accountable.

—Jim Monihan


Yeah, Edwards

Hey Boise, John Edwards is the one. Yes, the big-media types have pushed and hyped their celebrity Democratic candidates. As soon as Edwards seemed to be pushed a little to the side, what did we see? A primary campaign that deteriorated to a battle of personalities worthy of the tabloids.

That's what those corporate-owned media types are hungering for. This bickering between the others we saw at the CNN debate is not what Idaho or America needs.

John Edwards is not the flavor of the day or old news from a bygone era; he is a true progressive candidate who can fix what George Bush broke. Most importantly, he can beat any of the Republicans in November. When it comes to a candidate who can run in urban and rural America, John Edwards is the only one. Idaho Edwards supporters are here in Idaho at

—Kurt Holzer


Support Israel

Once again we see our own government pressing Israel to give up more land in hopes for peace with terrorists. Why do they always pick on Israel?

It is because Israel is the only one who keeps agreements, does not lie, does not practice terrorism, and won't shoot them in the back.

Look what has happened since Israel caved in to all the pressure and gave them Gaza when they promised no more war, with the proper appeasement: 1. Under army force, Israel removed over 9,000 of their citizens. 2. In only two years, they have continuously been bombarded by 4000 plus rockets. 3. Gaza is now the new rocket launch area! Where is the promised peace?

Urge your senators and reps to support Israel: Israel is the only non-terrorist government in the area.

—Gary Iverson, Sr.


Stop Settling

Cope does an adequate job of pointing out some big flaws in Libertarian philosophy (BW, Opinion, "Libertarians," Jan. 23, 2008); he couldn't be more correct. But with his thick skin and "Bring It On" challenge to those who disagree, I'd like to stand up and point out his feet of clay.

Exhibit A is the falsehood he implies concerning Ron Paul. Not to deny Paul's Libertarian past, but the man is running as a Republican, not a Libertarian.

Exhibit B is Cope's promotion of the Democratic Party and his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. It is difficult to countenance the acceptance of such a status-quo platform and candidate from a thoughtful guy who seems to profess that he cares about our political system, its problems and the future of our nation.

This is neither a left- nor right-wing criticism as I'm neither Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. How can anyone ignore the total lack of effectiveness of the Democratic Party—on the war or any other issue that matters?

Without putting any words in Cope's mouth, I'd like to think that he is merely choosing what he sees as the lesser of two or three evils, as many Americans do.

But that is simply not working and is exactly the reason why our country is in the mess it is today. This will only change when Americans will learn to stop settling for the bad choices continually offered us.

The resulting implications are more than startling and troubling, but facing up to those is the only way we will begin to find anything resembling actual alternatives.

—Steve Vetter


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