Mail July 12, 2017 

A number of people in Idaho are sick over President Donald Trump's proposed health care bill.

(Note: The letters below were edited only for formatting.)

I am fiercely opposed to President Trump's health care proposal because it will affect the health, finances and lives of many Americans.

Mary Dale

Boise, ID

Trumpcare or the Better Care Reconciliation Bill is a terrible bill for Idaho and its citizens. It takes away medical insurance from 23 million people. It cuts funding of Medicaid by $700 billion and short funds programs in Medicare. It increases premiums for people with pre-existing conditions to the point that medical coverage is out priced for the average person and Idaho has 600,000 citizens with pre-existing conditions. It is extremely hard on rural areas, and Idaho is predominantly rural and will force many to go without coverage and cause the closure of rural hospitals. It cuts funding for organizations that provide reproductive health services for women. With all of its negative points—which is almost all of the bill and does nothing for the average person except to make health care unaffordable or remove people from their health coverage— it does one thing for the 1 percent of American citizens or super wealthy rich people who really don't need it any way: gives a tax break. Rob from the poor and give to the rich or transfer wealth from lower and middle class citizens to the 1 percent at the top upper class. This bill should not even be considered in the senate at all, and a bipartisan approach needs to be taken to enhance the law of the land..

Randy Coburn

Nampa, ID

The GOP Health Care Bill shouldn't even be called a health care bill. It's just a massive transfer of wealth from working people to Wall Street. Not only that, but 22 million Americans would lose their insurance under this bill, taking away the necessary care children, seniors and low-income Americans need. I urge my senators here in Idaho and every senator who hasn't voted no on this bill to do so. We need health care not wealth care.

Chloe Iwasa

Payette, ID

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the [June 29] scheduled vote on the awful GOP health care bill would be postponed until after Independence Day. That is because the GOP doesn't have enough "yes" vote commitments from members of the party to bring this horrible bill to the Senate floor.

The Senate plan is not a health care bill. It is a massive transfer of wealth from working people to Wall Street. Twenty-two million Americans would lose their insurance under the Senate bill. The Senate bill taxes working people's health benefits while cutting taxes for millionaires and insurance companies. That's just wrong. The Senate bill effectively destroys Medicaid, stripping health care from children, seniors and low-income Americans.

Health insurance is more than a policy, it's peace of mind. It's knowing your family will be cared for and not having to worry about going broke when you get sick. That's why I strongly oppose the Senate health care bill. The more I learn about it, the less I like. Robbing health care from millions of Americans to give yet another tax cut to the rich and powerful is just plain cruel. Our health care system needs to be improved—we all agree on that—but this bill would do exactly the opposite, for no other reason than greed. I urge Senators Mike Crapo and James Risch and to vote no on the Senate health care bill.

Ebony Yarger

Twin falls, ID

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