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Was I the only one left scratching his head in wonderment after reading "Being Mr Pro-Life" by Nathaniel Hoffman (BW, News, July 9, 2008)? Part of me has to love the guy, but it's not the rational part. This is one conflicted dude. And he's breeding at an alarming rate, not to mention running for office. If he wants to dismantle Social Security, he should return his checks. He should also keep his mouth shut concerning his arrangement for selling strawberries to the Boise Co-op. Don't whine about the mark up and make a store, of which I am a member, look bad. But the most puzzling of all is why this odd man got so many inches to begin with. I must admit I did read the entire article with fascination, but had a slight headache as a result. Of course, the piece was positively H.L. Mencken after reading that self-described "hastily written hodge-podge" by the paper's sometimes amusing star columnist. That said, I do agree with Pro-Life's final statement. If he gets elected, I, too, will call for a recount.

—Bill English, Boise

Pound and Paul Don't Fall Far From the Same Ideological Tree

D. Allen Dalton's Ezra Pound letter was a bit too critical (BW, "Dalton on Pound," Mail, July 9, 2008). "Raising Ezra" was one of the best articles I've read in recent years in any local publication. I found it so engaging that I plan to visit Hailey to see Pound's home.

As someone who has gotten a lot out of Pound's meaningful poems and read his radio address transcripts from the war, I'd say the writer was on the mark comparing Paul to Pound. Dalton's highlighting the policy differences between them doesn't change the essential political color of the two men and their similar vision for the nation. They were both looked at by the establishment in much the same light, too ... revolutionary and politically irredeemable.

While Paul has not been openly anti-Semitic, as Pound was, I suspect the thought pattern is there. Paul has formulated all the traditional anti-globalist positions of the far right except for publicly making the Jewish connection, something manifest to all who have made thorough inquiry into the roots of globalism.

I don't care for the leftist leaning ideology of Boise Weekly overall, but you do produce original and labor-intensive articles using actual research and reporting. The latest articles on Freemasonry and Ezra Pound are off the beaten path and quite refreshing. That's why, even though I am the sort inclined to agree with Pound and Paul's observations of geo-politics, I still grab each new copy of BW.

By the way, it seems Dalton obviously has a very high opinion of his own knowledge on the subject, and that's always a turn-off, even when someone does know what he or she is talking about. BW isn't generally read by economists, Mr. Dalton. Thus, it's not written with them in mind. Can us common folks have some reading material, too?

—Justin Becker, Mountain Home

On IAQ: Ballet Idaho Alone Ended Alliance

It should be made clear that the decision to end the alliance between Ballet Idaho and Eugene Ballet solely rests with Ballet Idaho. At no point were the Eugene Ballet board, alliance production staff, artistic staff or dancers interested in its termination. Moreover, the accusation that the production staff, artistic staff and dancers solely belonged to the Eugene Ballet Company is ludicrous.

It is important to understand the fact that all of the company dancers resided and participated in the Boise community, as did artistic director Toni Pimble and associate artistic director Peter Pawlyshyn. In reality, the city of Eugene has been remarkably tolerant of the fact that they have funded more than half of the alliance budget for a company who has not resided or regularly rehearsed there for the past 14 years.

Also, please consider these matters: Ballet Idaho, as it existed in the alliance, performed five times the amount the New Ballet Idaho will. Ballet Idaho company members performed annually in educational outreach programs throughout Idaho schools during the alliance. Ironically, the New Ballet Idaho will not be sending company members into public schools for performances.

I am appalled that Ballet Idaho would destroy a successful and advantageous partnership of 14 years, where it was responsible for less than half of the operating budget, and turn its back on those who have dedicated themselves to dance in Boise, instead labeling us as hired help. Ballet Idaho made attempts in the past to end the alliance; I have written to the board of Ballet Idaho on two separate occasions within the past five years pleading with them not to sever the alliance.

I was forced to make a choice between these two companies; I will miss my many friends and patrons in Boise.

—Jennifer Martin,


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