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Shoddy Reporting

Just when I thought there was an alternative to the right wing conservative rags we have been exposed to in Treasure Valley, I am jolted back to the reality that we still live in one of the reddest state in America and the influence that has on journalist. I am talking about BW's June 11 edition of News [Shorts] tilted "Still a Hole." BW did an adequate job of chronicling the chain of events of two developers' 10 year debacle with the proposed Boise Tower Project. Unfortunately BW's reporting of Rick Peterson's failures leaves much to be desired. The report stated, "25-story building went awry after a series of financial problems, labor disputes, missed deadlines caused him to lose his building permits." Just like in Groundhogs Day, a bad B-movie, once again, it's necessary to reiterate the obvious as Jim Kearns and I did in a March 1, 2006, editorial to the Statesman.

Try to understand it this time. Peterson never signed a labor agreement with any trade organization in Boise, therefore no labor dispute ever occurred. To blame, if only in part, hard-working men and women for a decade-old blight to downtown Boise isn't fair, but I guess who said journalists have to be fair. I can only wonder if this is yellow journalism or just lazy journalism.

—Benny Antunes, Nampa

Pound the Poet and So Much More

Because I have always been interested in Ezra Pound, I'll admit I was very interested to see an article about him in the Boise Weekly. I was disappointed, however, to see that your article only skimmed his contributions to art.

It's arguable that Pound is still, almost 100 years later, the prominent force and literary figure behind American poetry. And I praise him for that. Many poets would agree, I think, that poetry in this country still lives and dies by whether it agrees with Pound's ideas. And interestingly enough, his anti-Semitism never seeped into his literary maxims. In fact, Pound's Cantos are known for their indiscriminate inclusion of literary ideas from other cultures.

I'm saying we can't trust that Pound "got it all wrong," especially in the literary sense, unless we blind ourselves to his literary achievements with over-exposure to his fascist and anti-Semite tendencies. He is still a great poet.

—Zachary Vineyard, Meridian

Positively Chirping Phones in the SNRA

A friend brought it to my attention that some of the people who have been adamantly writing against any positive aspects of cell phone use in our Sawtooth National Recreation Area and surrounding area—and who won't buy a phone on principle—think it's perfectly OK to borrow other people's phones to make their calls.

Something else that's not being talked about much is that some people in small Idaho communities still unsecured by cell towers hesitate to speak their true feelings out of fear of being shunned—or worse—by the prevailing Flintstone-aged attitudes of their townspeople.

In one community, this fever has reached such a high chirping pitch that even a physician has gone on public record to speak out against cell phone towers.

So far, though, I have not heard any police or EMTs make convincing arguments about how the potential unsightliness of Galena's cell tower—or any other tower—would not outweigh its multitude of benefits.

Some naysayers worry about how the safety beacon on the hill might smear the landscape if pine-beetles munch their way over Alexander Ross' ancient pass. If this does happen, it is actually one more reason to have a cell tower on that exact spot, as it will have then become more avalanche-prone, in this dangerous area where young sports-enthusiasts have already lost their lives after needlessly suffering because of extended communication delays.

—Jim Banholzer, Ketchum

Good Food, Good Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday, and things were not going so great. So my loving husband, who wants only to make me happy, remembers that I had told him about the Taste of Memphis article in BW a couple of weeks ago and how the tasters ( I don't have their names because I've already recycled that issue) loved it. So we go and have this great dinner that puts the smile back on my face quick. Killer food, great service, and, to top it all off my 9-year-old and 6-year-old want to go there for their birthdays. We all leave with big grins on our faces.

My point is that living way west in Meridian, I wouldn't have even known about this place if it hadn't been for your paper.

Thanks BW for turning my frown upside down.

—AnnMarie McCaw, Meridian

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