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Poet to Poet

Reading "From Blanding Radio Hill" in your tribute, (BW, Feature, "An Idaho Poet," July 23, 2008) among his own final poems, to William Studebaker: It is striking how much the intoxication, of not just his homeland, or any one state predominated the vision of this poet, but all of the United States.

Studebaker's "country held hostage by its own beauty" adds to one's contemplation in his passing over; this hostage poet who found home one presumes in the mythic taking off by boat. The collection "River Religion" contains as it were the prophetic utterance of how and where and why he crossed beyond the particular river in which he foundered. As a visiting poet to Idaho there is glory too in a fellow craftsman led on to the extreme limit; having heard such from a few of those who knew him. It may not be fashionable to speak of patriotism yet the ache of love for the place called home reverberates from what I have read of Studebaker. In case one forgets, the poet as patriot is a constant, which might be surprising to some in the case of poets. As "a stranger in town" might I salute these achievements, feeling the imperative to do so?

—Kevin Kiely, Boise

Unhappy Lovett

Someone needs to be told that the Lyle Lovett concert was absolutely terrible from the perspective of some of us in general admission seating. Due to the ridiculous lines getting in, a noisy crowd spent the first four or five songs trying to find seats behind us and then, once seated, proceeded to talk throughout the concert because they couldn't hear a freaking thing. While I don't blame the concert promoters for the discourteous behavior of Boise fans, I do blame them and Lyle Lovett's crew for inadequate sound equipment and engineering. If the sound had been better, louder, more encompassing, the crowd would have been less likely to behave as if at a company picnic. What a shame. Lyle Lovett deserved better and frankly, so did my guest and I.

I could type a great many more paragraphs on the lack of organization we witnessed, an example of which was the dozens of people who stood in the VIP line only to discover they should have been in the other line, and then had to go to the end. Not many happy campers there. Could it have been avoided? Absolutely. Had this been the first concert at this venue, I could somewhat excuse the mess, but it wasn't the first. Nor was it a benefit concert either. Had it been, I might not be so pissed off at having spent $82 for two tickets to listen to six egocentric women make fun of every other woman in their view.

Message to the masses: The life experiences of others are equally as important as your own. While you may find immense pleasure and value in discussing your insomnia, or child's willful behavior, or your toenail fungus, for God's sake, some of us actually came to hear Lyle Lovett. Believe it or not, we is more evolved than me. Try it out some time, like maybe the next concert you go to. Your fellow attendees will appreciate it and you might actually see some of the amazing talent that comes to Boise rather than taking home a ticket stub to prove you were there.

—Pati King, Boise

For the Record

In reference to the article in Boise Weekly concerning the association between the Eagle Chamber of Commerce and Eagle Informer: The Eagle Chamber of Commerce has no contractual or financial obligation or agreements with Eagle Informer. The chamber submits to Eagle Informer along with all the other publications and media outlets press releases, announcements and information, and chamber-sponsored events and articles. It is not the intention of this chamber to support one business over another. The chamber did not help this publication get started other than supplying articles about subjects pertaining to The Eagle Chamber of Commerce.

There are various publications distributed in Eagle: Valley Times, Eagle Magazine, Eagle Life, Eagle Independent, Treasure Valley Journal, Monthly Journal, Idaho Statesman, Boise Weekly, Eagle Informer.

These publications all cover a variety of news, events and daily activities happening in Eagle in various methods and styles of reporting. All the printed publications that cover Eagle are very different publications and cover a wide base of readers, which appeal to different segments for Eagle residents and businesses. The Eagle Chamber of Commerce sends all of these publications and media outlets, i.e., print, radio, and television, press releases.

The Eagle Chamber of Commerce wants all of the Eagle businesses to be successful and prosper. Prosperity in the business community promotes success for all businesses in Eagle. The slogan "Live, Work, Play, Shop, Eat in Eagle," because Eagle is "The city with More Right Outside Your Door." This is what the Eagle Chamber of Commerce strives to promote for the business community in Eagle. This is a free enterprise system and anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur and start a business has that right and a dream to fulfill.

—Teri Bath, president, Eagle Chamber of Commerce

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