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On Unda Calling it Quits

Hey, look at the upside. (BW, News, "Unda Adjourns," May 6, 2009.) Next year, the part-time legislators, but full-time dumb asses, will be able to luxuriate for three months in the new statehouse with its $120-million price tag. The cost of marble walls, brass restroom fixtures, oak paneled offices and leather chairs could have been used to fix a few roads. Using the old court house and the Borah building, the job would cost $60 million. But then they would have had to occasionally waddle across Capitol park for meetings and social events and tea parties.

—Mike Reineck,


the Non-Meat Eating Reviewer

BW reader Timothy Walsh sent us an e-mail with the subject line: Mathias Morache. Walsh had this to say in his e-mail: "Having a vegetarian as a restaurant reviewer is like having somebody deaf review music. And she ain't no Beethoven." Morache, who is a vegetarian, has identified himself as such in the two reviews he's done for us—one at the Chef's Hut and the other at Shangri-La Tea House. We put the topic up for discussion asking whether readers agreed or disagreed with Walsh and got back more than 40 responses:

Disagree. First, deafness is a disability. Second, vegetarian is a choice. They actively decide consuming meat is wrong so they are biased, not unable. Wasn't Beethoven deaf?

—Zach Townsend, Facebook

I agree. How can you critique food you don't eat?

—Maria Jones, Facebook

I'm not sure you can be trusted if you don't eat meat.

—Jeremiah James Sanderson, Facebook

It's not like having a deaf person review music, it's like having someone that only likes country music review all genres.

—April Hoff, Facebook

I agree that a vegetarian should not be doing restaurant reviews.

—nsearle, Twitter

Disagree. It's easy to make meat taste good. Harder to make good vegetarian food. And a decent vegetarian option is essential.

—jessicadadams, Twitter

The Statesman has a deaf music reviewer.

—bonefishsam, Twitter

Senate High Roller Owns a Dump

Last week, citydesk reported that Jeff Day was so fed up with the dilapidated home on the corner of Fifth and Myrtle streets that he posted a sign in the property's yard reading "Jim Risch owns this shack, owns this property." Here's what readers said about the burnt and boarded up eyesore.

CNN reported that Risch has one of the highest net worths in the Senate at $92 million. You'd think he could use his influence to fight an insurance company. How will he fight for us if he can't for his mother-in-law?

—Mark Dale, Facebook

I have driven by this daily for two years and saddened by the run down trashy look of what could be a nice home. A regular citizen would have been cited a long time ago. Buck up Risch—fix it yourself! You've got the money, so do it.

—Debbie Gallagher, Facebook

What insurance dispute can keep them from having the lawn mowed?

—Judy Ferro, Facebook

As Twitter Turns

After parody Twitter feed @ButchOtter was shanghaied by the real deal, the guvernator tweeted digs on the Legislature. We posed this question to our online community: "real @ButchOtter or his official ghost writer taking Twitter shots at state legislature. Whose snark was better: fake butch or real butch?" And you answered:

I [heart] @DoucheOtter on Twitter!

—Lindsay Dofelmier, Facebook

Old Butch Otter was much better! And I agree with Lindsay.

—Katrina Pietromica, Facebook

Let's see. They are already getting $1.2 billion from the budget for roads, what's another $80 million (that would be another 7.5 percent increase). I don't know about you, but I have not received a 7.5 percent salary increase this year, have you? They ([Idaho Transportation Department] + government) need to learn the same lesson we all have to learn. Live within your means.

—David Hopkins, Facebook

Smackers All Around

Flying M and Reconstruct '09 would like to thank all of those that attended our fashion show Saturday, May 2, 2009, in Nampa. The dramatic thunderstorm certainly set the mood for our Super Hero! Super Villain! theme. We had nine heroes and villains walk the catwalk with first place winners: Bridezilla and the Roach. Thank you also to the merchants that contributed to our silent auction and to our volunteers. The day raised over $1,450 that will be donated to Dress for Success.

—Lisa Myers,

owner, Flying M Coffeegarage

And the Endorsements Begin

When is Boise going to join the ranks of cities that promote bicycle commuting as a means of addressing the growing problems of obesity, global warming and traffic congestion? I travel via bicycle year round and find it extremely frustrating that doing so often means taking my life into my hands (especially on major routes, such as State Street, which lack both sidewalks and bike paths for major stretches). I decided to Google "Boise city council more biking" and the results brought no references at all to plans for improvement, but did bring up three different sites promoting the upcoming candidacy of T.J. Thomson, who is running for a seat on the Boise City Council this coming November. Mr. Thomson's Web site,, lists his stand on various issues and includes "more biking and walking trails, including improvements to existing trails, that interconnect all across the City of Boise to increase use and improve safety." It's about time the City of Boise makes a commitment to the health and well-being of its citizens by making this a priority. I intend to vote for Mr. Thomson this November and hold him to his word.

—Michelle Long,


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