Mail May 7-13, 2008 

Won't Get Fooled Again

I guess we regularly elect candidates who lie to us, then get angry when they lie to us. Perhaps it is just the American way. I am concerned about McCain, who is running again to be our president, mostly because he seems mentally incompetent—unable to remember important things. I am a veteran of WWII, and suffer periodic bouts of Old Timers Syndrome (I can't remember the real name for this problem). But, I don't intend to become our chief executive officer either. Over five times recently, McCain has been unable, without prompting, to understand the difference between Shiite and Sunni muslims when talking about Iraq/Iran on his last trip to Middle East. For us common folks, that may be acceptable, but for our would-be president, it is not. It is critical to understand the subtle differences way over there, if we wish to withdraw our forces in a reasonable time and in a safe way.

By accepting the warm endorsement of Bush right out in public, he is almost certain to continue the failed policies we have experienced over the last years. He has not signalled any intention to break from the road established by Cheney/Bush. Be prepared for more war, more outrageous national debt, and little concern for vital domestic issues. This one is up to us, the citizens. Be wary.

—Tom Edgar, Boise

Hey Animal lovers

The recent article "Critter Control?" (BW, News, April 16, 2008) did not mention, that Idaho is one of only six states without felony penalties in our cruelty to animals law. The article cited the frustrations faced by the Idaho Humane Society, Department of Agriculture and law enforcement. We believe our misdemeanor laws are often not prosecuted because prosecutors have to chose between spending resources on misdemeanors or felonies.

Idaho had a 30 percent increase in cruelty to animal cases in the last fiscal year but the laws are not enforced and the same people are allowed to commit the same crimes many, many times. One woman in eastern Idaho was given 15 citations regarding neglect of and cruelty to horses over a period of 25 years. This should not be allowed and people like her should not be allowed to continue to own animals.

We are the grassroots activists who believe we need stronger laws that are enforced and we also need felony penalties for the most egregious acts and/or prolonged neglect and abuse. While most legislators did vote for the felony dogfighting law, they steadfastly refuse to add felony penalties to the cruelty to animals statute.

Our organization understands and supports exemptions for all normal, necessary activities associated with stockgrowing, rodeos and hunting. Join us at

—Virginia Hemingway, Boise

Speak Up for Obama

Has anyone heard that former DNC chairman and superdelegate Joe Andrew (appointed by Bill Clinton) has switched from Clinton to Obama? Have you heard his comments from his televised press conference in Indianapolis or read his letter to the world? I really question why these comments are not played in a continuous loop on news channels the way Rev. Wright's were?

Whether it was Obama's handling of Wright or the gas-tax holiday, Andrew said, "What you see is a principled stand, and that is truly shocking to people like me who've been in politics a long time."

Andrew went further on why he thinks Obama is the better candidate. "Barack Obama has to be the winner of our nomination," he said, citing that he has "more appeal to moderate, centrist America.

I've always been seen as a centrist in our party. It's not just about positions; it's also about tone, it's about temperament."

Democrats, do the right thing and speak out in support of Barack Obama.

—Jenn Siegel, Boise

Stick With Badger

While many may wish to shoot, stuff and mount Badger Bob (not necessarily in that order), the Badger does indeed rock with insightful obnoxious commentary that should be required reading. Fire Cope, hire the Badger.

—Bart Wright, Boise

Save Harrison

I've met many people here in Boise who like it well enough, but not having been around much, fail to realize just what they have. People who have moved here from other states, and well-traveled natives who have come back, are apt to have a different view.

They realize how special Boise is and feel lucky to be able to live here. The relative ease of daily life, the top-quality activities at our elbow, the friendly but also learned and historic character. The stimulating mix of government, business, education, culture and sports. Perhaps, most of all, our geographical setting. A river not only runs through it, but an amazing Greenbelt, fitted with glorious parks, provides an aesthetic and ubiquitous breather for all our rush and ambition.

Now that Boise has been "discovered," and there are more people, more traffic, and the beginning of a "crowded" atmosphere that never before existed here, those parks and retreats are all the more fortuitous.

Until recently, Harrison Hollow was largely unknown. Now each day, it attracts hundreds of walkers, runners and bicyclists, often with their dogs. This is private land, and all visitors owe thanks to the six land owners who have allowed public access. But, 300 acres still left for wild flowers, wildlife, sagebrush. A wide repertoire of soaring hills, spectacular ridgelines and varying texture, color and shadowing. The question becomes, will it all be eaten up by housing? Or can Boise and its citizens preserve this space for themselves and future generations, as others have preserved in the past, and by doing so making this truly a remarkable and exhilarating city?

—Peter Rose, Boise


In a case of wishful thinking, we incorrectly printed that Built to Spill had played at Farmer Brown's (BW, Noise, "Farmer Brown's New Row," April 30, 2008).

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