Mail October 31-November 6, 2007 

Proud Idaho

I recently wrote to Sen. Larry Craig, expressing my concern that he hasn't followed through with his "intention" to resign. Later, I received a canned reply that repeated his apology to Idaho for "casting a cloud" over the state.

Look, senator, I don't know how they do things down in Washington, but here in Idaho, we have a little something called pride. Understand?

Cruising an airport restroom is one thing, but your duplicitous statements and superior tone is a disgrace to you, me and the entire Gem State.

To paraphrase our great Republican statesman, Ronald Reagan, "Mr. Craig, tear down this stall!"

—Victor Brisbin, Boise

You're Not Funny

I was surprised and disgusted at some of your Boise's Best (Best Hummer Dealer & Best Golf Course). If you're going to claim alternative thinking for your paper, please try to do some (thinking).

You always print the death total in Iraq in your paper. So here's a riddle. How many young men and women have to die so one can drive a Hummer? (Answer next week.)

Another fun riddle is how much precious water, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizer does it take to keep a golf course green and ready for your Hummer drivers.

Here's a fact. If you want to avoid rectal problems, polyp surgery (Reagan) polyp tests (Bush Jr.) don't go around with your head up your ass.

—Diane Kesey, Boise

Your Dog's Crap

As a person who enjoys the outdoors, I feel we are very privileged to have the Foothills recreational areas around Boise. I try to get up on a trail at least three times a week. However, it has become increasing smelly because people aren't picking up after their pets on the trail. I know it isn't fun carrying a bag of dog crap for a couple of miles, but maybe you should have thought about that before you go to walk the dog.

Having to avoid landmines and to smell the odor isn't fair to us who don't have a dog and just want to use the trails. Like I said, the trails are for everyone, so keep them clean for everyone.

—Josh Leighton, Boise

Cyclist Rights

Regarding the needless death of Sarah Howard at the hands of Erika Janzen:

Odd that it is so difficult in this situation for the Meridian Police Department to decide whether to cite Janzen. If Howard were not a cyclist, would the response be different?

On June 14, 2002, I was hit in a very similar manner by a motorist while legally riding my bicycle. Officer Holt of the Boise Police Department responded to the accident. I was informed by Holt that BPD policy is to not issue citations for car/bike accidents nor are police reports filed in these cases.

Luckily, I narrowly escaped serious injury or death. Only my bicycle was totaled in that incident. I was left holding the bag for injury and damage caused to me by a motorist who violated the law.

Does the Meridian Police Department have a similar policy discriminating against the cyclist? If not, why is it so hard to decide whether to cite a driver who killed a cyclist unlawfully?

Why am I unable to get a response from Boise City Hall regarding this policy of not issuing citations or filing reports for car/bike accidents?

This needs to change. Hopefully without multiple lawsuits, but I fear that will not be the case.

—Cliff Weisgerber, Hidden Springs

Helen's Wacko

You're taking advice from a woman who refuses to eat any food from Europe because she thinks it's contaminated from Chernobyl? (BW, News, "Bust Wind, Not Nukes," Oct. 17, 2007) A woman who thinks that global warming is some how drying up water so that there won't be enough to cool the reactors? Ummm ... there's no such thing as dry water. Where does she think it goes? Space?

Or does it turn into pure energy via the greenhouse effect?

Global warming needs real solutions, not henny penny craziness from wackos who are completely clueless to the most basic of scientific principles.

What kind of idiot buys these books?

—David Austin, online

Helen's Scary

Caldicott is selling books. She has no qualifications as a nuclear researcher, and she need not be taken seriously, but she does know how to take advantage of fear-prone people on a not-well-understood topic.

And that is a shame, isn't it? Here we are, about 60 years after Fermi demonstrated the sustained chain reaction. One hundred and four nuclear power plants safely and cleanly provide 20 percent of United State's electrical power and the overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea how it works nor what ionizing radiation risks are (or aren't). It is pathetic that unscrupulous people make a living capitalizing on the fear and ignorance of others in an area where we have so little time to save the planet from greenhouse gas effects.

—John Ireland, online

Craig's Pants

I find it interesting that all the Craig supporters claim that Clinton was let off scot-free while "poor Craig" is being "unfairly picked on." Oh, puleeeease. I'm not condoning what Clinton did. Democrats were pissed off at him, too. But the Republican majority at the time crucified him. No one is doing that to poor little picked-on Craig. I don't even care whether or not Craig is gay. But to solicit sex in a public place from a total stranger is just plain sleazy. And then to lie and lie and lie about it ... He just can't keep his story straight. Craig is a sleaze and a liar. At least Clinton balanced the budget and kept us out of Iraq.

—Barb Fairchild, Boise


We wish that in our preview of James Taylor's concert this week, that we had gotten the title of a very popular song correct. The song in question: "You've Got A Friend."

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