Mail Sept. 12-18, 2007 

The Libs Are A-Coming, GOP

Something not seen in Idaho! Potty Police!

The liberals cannot stand to have people that think differently elected to public office. In the commonwealth of Minnesota, we had a fellow running for governor. The liberals put out the story that he had wild pool parties at his residence. His young daughter defended her dad saying, "I live here, and nothing like that happened here." The next day, the Minneapolis paper said she was part of the parties and was seen naked to the waist. The guy dropped out, and after the election and after extensive investigation, it was found to have not one iota of truth to the story.

Any high profile conservative that cannot be defeated at the polls will face false accusations sooner than later.

I cannot tell the people of your state how embarrassing it is to know that this is very likely the same liberal machine working. Questions that should have been asked: Who authorized this work for the cops? What about entrapment? How many non-perverts leave Minnesota with quite a memory from their trip to the bathroom at MSP?

(Hey, you're not gonna believe that the guy tapped his toes into my stall and then wanted to—shake hands with me under the stall!)

Do the porcelain police keep records of how effective they are? One pervert per hour?

If Larry Craig was a liberal senator, would this ever have happened? We see high-profile liberal Democrat senators hustling male pages, and they are rewarded and given positions of power in the Congress. How about drunken driving and having a woman drown because of your great judgment!

If Sen. Craig resigns, I hope that the people of Idaho see right through this and elect an even more conservative replacement.

—Terry Groetken, Plymouth, Minnesota

Cheating On Grass

One week, Gov. Butch Otter blames wildfires on the under-grazing of public lands by livestock. The next week, he's blaming the cheat grass, an invasive species. Everybody knows cheat grass invades an area after overgrazing by livestock. What's Otter really after? That's easy ... Otter derived his millions through his relationship with Simplot, who has over 2 million acres of grazing leases. Otter: working so hard for so few.

Cattle ranching is not a dominant agricultural activity in the West. As per the USDA, federal lands grazing provides about 26.5 percent of livestock forage and only .29 percent of all Idaho income but only .04 percent of the income for all 11 Western states. That is $4 earned from public lands grazing for every $1,000,000 earned from all other sources. This is totally insignificant to the economy, yet public perception is distorted.

Truth is, livestock devastates the areas grazed, eating grasses down to the dirt, facilitating the spread of invasive plant species. Livestock trample springs, creeks and any water source they can find and then crap in it. They devour feed meant for wild game, which leads to damage payments when game feeds on private land. If everybody owns the public land, why do a fraction of a percent of the owners have the authority to trash it?

Public lands grazing occurs at the expense of other important economic resources such as fisheries, wildlife, water quality, recreation, biodiversity and ecological processes—all having tremendous economic value. Let's focus our energies on these resources, Butch, and the public.

—Mark D. Reaney, Jr., Lewiston

To Larry, On Resignation day

I am moved to write by the current events of your life. While as my senator, you have consistently failed to actually represent my positions in your voting record, I cannot help but feel sympathy for the position you find yourself in today. In about an hour, I believe that you will be resigning your office, making it official right here in Boise.

I imagine that your head is just spinning right now, but as the dust clears, perhaps you will think about how your own harshly stated public judgments of homosexuality have played a part in where you find yourself today. Some say, "what goes around, comes around." I personally have no interest in what your sexual preferences may be, and I believe that if the Republican Party had not chosen to emphatically scapegoat gay people, you would not be being forced to resign in the disgraceful manner you are in today. Maybe this personally horrible time will open your eyes to the damage done by putting forth hateful and purposefully decisive viewpoints.

—Carol Orshan, Boise

IBHM Needs Cash

Kelly Robinson's article on the Idaho Black History Museum in the August 22 issue of BW was, hopefully, a shot in the arm for this unique facility. The museum is small but has a lot of information on the history of blacks in Idaho.

This past year, our nation finished a multi-year celebration: the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The first black to visit what we know as modern-day Idaho was York, a member of that famous trek across our West, and Captain Clark's slave (although not considered a slave during the journey). There are many other blacks who, during the past 200 years, have had a profound impact in our state and are highlighted in the museum.

The IBHM wants to share their heritage with the people of Idaho but needs increased revenue. There is a wonderful, easy way for many Idahoans to help the museum with its shortage of funds. The IBHM has been a member of Choices in Community Giving for several years, and I am hoping people will respond to their needs. Choices in Community Giving is a federation of over 30 nonprofit organizations in Idaho. We serve these organizations by getting them to be qualified recipients of pledges in the various workplace giving campaigns, those that are about to occur in many public and private places of work.

—Jerry Helgeson, executive director, Choices in Community Giving, Inc.


In the Sept. 5 issue, we misspelled Dr. Joe Baldassarre's name. We regret the error.

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