Bad at sharing and bashing Boehner

Bad at Sharing

Our report on a recent vote to strip FY 2015 funding from the Boise Bike Share Program (BW, News, "Braking Bad: Bike share program caught in crossfire between Boise, ACHD," Oct. 2, 2013) prompted some online philosophizing about the role of government (then again, doesn't everything?).

This is obviously a GOVERNMENT bicycle program. 140 bikes; annual operating budget of $326K, give or take. That's upwards of $2300 per bike, per year. (After the startup costs.)

I could buy a sweeeeet [private] bike and operate it for probably 5 years, for $2300.

But, the government is flush with surplus cash, so why not? (/heavy sarcasm)


bikeboy, I am sure many readers agree with your fiscal conservatism, and I am one. However, many readers may also see the need to promote and normalize alternative transportation in our city. The cost of the bicycles are due to their irregularity and quality since they will be used by many, left outside and need to be as maintenance free as possible. Folks who visit Boise or use bicycles infrequently may not have the availability to have a decent commuter bicycle located around town for them to use when they need. I think a private sponsorship would be great as well, you are correct. The fact of the matter is; we pay for schools we will never use, parks we will never enjoy and fire protection we will never utilize, and I am okay with paying for these services if it means others can benefit from them. As a nation we don't have the money to fund this, yes, but we don't have the money for multiple wars, freeway systems, and large scale agriculture, but we continue to fund those at a loss each year. I would be willing to take a leap with bikeshare instead of one of those. A person on a bikeshare bicycle may be one more person not using a vehicle in Boise.

I know more so than many that you are a true utilitarian cyclist and contribute monetarily to society more than your fair share. Thank you for your comments.

--adult tricycle

Bashing Boehner

As the shutdown of the federal government continued into its first week, readers took out their frustrations on House Speaker John Boehner (, News, "House Speaker Boehner on Shutdown: 'This isn't some damn game,'" Oct. 4, 2013).

Speaker Boehner... who is SO DEEP into your pockets, you won't even bring a clean CR to the floor for your OWN party to vote on?

What is so important you are holding this vote up from your OWN party, in lieu of pandering to less than 40 extremists from "loud" districts?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Stop the Green Eggs and Ham games, and bring a CR to the floor champ. The American people DON'T deserve this. Your party has put them through enough already. For the sake of your very soul itself, stop the damn games...

Sincerely, another very angry American voter with a memory as long as an elephant (every pun intended).

--Chas Holman

"This Isn't Some Damn Game" is the only honest thing Speaker Boehner has said all week. He should shut up and take the clean bill to the floor for an up/down vote. If this extortion attempt were to succeed, we'd never see the end of them.


Obama and the Democrats have bent over backwards to meet the demands of the Republican House again and again. Now the House is demanding that they bend over backwards and kiss their asses while inverted. I think kicking is more appropriate than kissing at this point.


Is the sole purpose of the Republican Party to bamboozle Obama now? In the process, they're making every last American dance for their dinner (and health care.)


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