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I'm writing in response to Dave Fotsch's opinion piece (BW, Opinion, "Bikes vs. Cars," July 1, 2009) and the statement "Fixed Gear Bikes: You may think you're super cool, but you're really just a dumb ass." Rather than targeting a specific biking group, maybe the bigotry should be spread around.

Road bikes: If you're riding a $2,000 bike in a pack on Boise Avenue and vehicles cannot safely pass your group, you may think you're super cool, but you're really just a dumb ass.

Racing bikes: If you're riding two abreast on Highway 21 to Idaho City wearing logo-covered Lycra and nobody can get around you, you may think you're super cool, but you're really just a dumb ass.

Mountain bikes: If you're crashing downhill over rocks and roots at 20 mph past hikers and dogs, then fly ass-over-applecart breaking your collar bone, you may think you're super cool, but you're really just a dumb ass.

Commuter bikes: If you're wearing a lime green vest and helmet speeding home on the Greenbelt shouting, "On your left, on your left," without slowing down for kids, stroller moms or old folks, you may think you're super cool, but you're really just a dumb ass.

Cruisers: If you're riding your multi-colored cruiser sporting front basket and mini-dog on the sidewalk, while talking on your cell phone as people jump out of your way, you may think you're super cool, but you're really just a dumb ass.

Get it? Every group has its dumb asses. It seems to me that most fixies have some type of braking system, so let's not single out fixed-gear riders. I've never felt threatened or unsafe around the fixed-gear crowd, but the other egomaniacs sure make me nervous. Let the kids have some fun.

--David Nagel, Boise

Coldest Beer Redux

We didn't hear much here at BW HQ about last week's Coldest Beer issue. Typically, the list of corrections in the week following Coldest Beer is a laundry list of minor mea culpas. This week we have one: stupidly, we misspelled Geddy Lee. Apologies. Other than that, we had one call inquiring whether it was a good thing for an establishment's bar staff to be described by BW as "snarky." We tend to think so. And we had one comment on our Web site about the winner, 4-E's Bar:

Erik "Howlin' Houndog" 4-A, owner of Vagrant Records of Seattle, said: "Love this bar. It has the coolest name on the planet next to mine! I'd come back and play there any day!"

What You're Missing On Facebook

Everybody had something to say about a one-liner we re-Tweeted from CNN on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stepping down:

I am a big fan of Palin! We need some people in D.C. that will blow the whistle on government corruption no matter what party they are in!

--Pam Westover Pugmire

The political pundits said that she needed to get away from Alaska if she wanted to be a serious candidate in '12. With the Republican Party imploding upon itself on an hourly basis, Mrs. Palin sees an opportunity not to be missed.

--Patricia Alpine

I'd like to be able to confidently make a statement that expresses joy that she stepped down to run for president, with the understanding that she makes a ridiculous candidate and that she embarrasses her party. I am tempted to think this way, but I am not sure I have that much faith in the populace's collective intelligence ...

... Now, gosh darn it, we've got to stop all this corruption in Washington before it destroys America. Todd, have you got the Alaska State Troopers on the line yet? We've got to stop teaching that gosh darn evolution hogwash in our schools, and start getting our country back on track preparing for the upcoming rapture.

--Alan Tumlinson Mebane

Once Oprah announces her intentions as an independent for 2012, no one will stand a chance ... including the incumbent.

--Marc Grubert

What You're Missing at

In a post called "Is it Cool when the Guv Tweets your Shit?" citydesk (, July 2, 2009) coined the term "Twircle Jerk," to which user "Otto" responded:

"'Twircle Jerk.' You just gave me a neologasm!"

Don't know what a neologasm is? Otto was kind enough to provide a link to "The pleasurable feeling from having coined a new word. Combination of 'neologism' and 'orgasm.'"

Also on citydesk, from a post called "New Bike Info in Idaho Driver's Ed Manual" (, July 2, 2009), came this comment:

Since the state sees fit to print all of this in the drivers manual for car and bicycle interaction, why don't they print information on car and big truck interaction?

I see people risk their lives every day making stupid maneuvers around big trucks. I have come to the conclusion that people would rather die than be behind a truck.

--vsharrah, BW online

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