Main and Commentary November 17, 2010 

"There is no such thin [sic] as logical or rational thought that is also ungrammatical."

--Hypatia (BW, Screen, "Waiting for Superman," Screen, Oct. 20, 2010)

Money in all the wrong places?

Editor's Note: A Citydesk post about a $5-million expansion for Bronco Stadium elicited a number of responses at Among them:

I'm sure this will be above-the-fold headline, front-page "nooz" in the Mistakesman for at least a week. Bleh.

--Geoff Baker

All the haters need to realize how much money goes into this school (non athletic!) because of the football program and stop whining about how much money is spent on sports.

--Dan Moore

@Dan Moore: You need to realize throwing a ball around isn't a priority and has no place in an academic institution. Can you please point out what college-level concepts are being learned by the students that participate?

--Andrew Kent

A few things ... The expansion is estimated at $100 million. The $5 million in the headline is from private donors, so they can do whatever they want with their money. What about all the jobs that the expansion will add when they start working on it?

--Quinn Modrak

And from a similar discussion about the City of Boise's $15,000 campaign to curb panhandling:

Isn't this treating the symptom rather than the disease? What a waste.

--Amy Jarvie Knight

It's not what's best for the panhandlers. They just don't want homeless people standing around on street corners.

--Susan Nelson-Sangiorgi

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