Major Crossroads 

Dear Minerva,

Good afternoon, ma'am. I appreciate you imparting your wisdom and no-nonsense quick wit as a public service to the masses and minions, who cling to your enthusiasm and fabulous influence.

I'm at a pivotal moment in my professional career. I'm an Army Reserve Officer close to promotion to Major, with an opportunity to serve on active duty. Though I love the Army and serving the American people, if I were asked what I'm passionate about, the Army is not the first thing to come to my mind. I love entertainment and chances to be an entertainer. So my question to you is, do I pursue what feels good? Or should I stay the course, stick to my plan of promotion and going to active duty, and hope these choices will provide long term rewards and opportunities later?

Major Crossroads

Dear Major,

Thank you for being of service to our country. I'm flattered greatly by your compliments.

I believe in pursuing one's dreams. With that being said, I also believe in having a backup plan. Any kind of entertainment is a difficult path. The rewards of making people feel great are wonderful, but it can be a hard business in which to make a living. You haven't indicated what kind of entertainment you want to pursue. Should you choose to pursue it, you will need discipline, tact, bravery, determination and a spirit that is not easily broken—I have a feeling you are probably already in possession of these virtues. Both paths are rewarding and valuable. Whatever you choose, you are already a star!

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