Man arrested for living rock and roll lifestyle 

While on the prowl for ne'er-do-wells last week, Ada County sheriffs took a page from the Metallica book of law enforcement. That is, they decided to "Enter Sandman."

Specifically, the deputies went to the Sandman Motel in Meridian while on a routine patrol. While there, they discovered that fugitive Ronnie Wood, 25, of Boise (no relation to the Rolling Stones guitarist of the same name, although the pair show a similar affinity for powders) was staying in a room. Recently, Wood had not been obeying the commands of his Master of Puppets-i.e., his probation officer-which justified a visit to his room from the officers. Wood attempted to flee from the scene and was quickly apprehended.

However, while visiting the room officers also came into contact with Joshua Turcado of Emmett. In the last year, Turcado had been arrested for a variety of felonies including kidnapping, burglary, battery and contempt of court, but at the Sandman, the buzz-cut-donning 25-year-old was in possession of the classic thrash-metal arsenal of a 9mm handgun, a .40 caliber handgun and two ounces of crank. And yes, one of the guns was stolen. Rock on.

In a matter of minutes, the officers called in the Ada Metro Narcotics Task Force, who searched the occupants' cars and discovered more drugs, packaging material and scales. They also arrested a pair of Boise 18-year-olds, Amanda Carpenter and Khrystena Lee, for being groupi-er, frequenting an establishment where drugs are sold.

If convicted of his three felony charges of drug trafficking, receiving stolen property and possession of a firearm, Turcado could be lost in the Never-Neverland of federal prison for over a decade. He's just lucky he didn't take a shot at one of the officers; otherwise, he might have had to Ride the Lightning.

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