Man Spam: Alive and Well 

If you think that the reported murder of Russian businessman Alexey Tolstokozhev doesn't affect you, consider yourself lucky. You're obviously among that smaller half of the male community who are satisfied with the size of their respective penises. And reliable? Bah. You could direct the New York Philharmonic playing Grieg's In The Hall of the Mountain King with that thing. Good for you.

If, however, news of Tolstokozhev's death, which was broken last Thursday on a blog run by one Alex Loonov, has been making you weep into your size-S jockstrap, then take comfort in this: It's apparently a load of jive. Tolstokozhev, according to the story, was the spammer responsible for 30 percent of the world's Viagra and penis-enlargement e-mail advertisements, and he was reputed to have been gunned down by contract killers in front of a villa near Moscow. However, when British newspaper The Register and a bunch of formerly duped bloggers teamed up (albeit in that "you link to my useless crap and I'll link to yours" way so unique to 21st century investigative journalism) to root out any kernels of truth in this hugely popular story, they deemed it blatant bunk. Likewise, Loonov's site had been launched the same day the story ran.

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