Dear Minerva,

Manscaping has recently come up in discussion within my relationship. To be fair, I am a hairy beast. What are your feelings about it? I don't do much and before I jump in, I want to know what you think.


Fuzzy Wuzzy

Dear fuzzy,

Manscaping (or womanscaping, for that matter) is very personal. Whether you do or don't is entirely up to you. People often remove body hair to conform to a standard of beauty. Just like clothing, trends in body hair come and go. What do I think? Personally, I like a man with some hair on him. However, when I like someone, there is so much more at play than body hair. It is their body and their choice. Hair is natural. It should not be a deterrent for intimacy based simply on some cultural expectation. If you choose to manscape, here are some tips: Should you opt to shave, don't make the mistake of shaving upward. Shave going the same direction as the hair grows—you are less likely to get ingrown hairs, which can lead to other bacterial problems. Better yet, find a good depilatory cream (I am not giving away my secrets) that work for your hair type. If you don't want the bare look, just trim things up to keep it sharp. If you decide not to manscape and your partner leaves you, call me. As an adult, I am not intimidated by the follicularly blessed. Happy trimming!

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