March 1, 2006 

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” — Kahlil Gibran

Dear Dream Zone, I am an old lady and every now and then I dream that I lost my purse and it scares me so that I wake up. Can you tell me about this? —Carol 82, Miami, FL

Lauri: Purses are popular dream symbols for us gals and symbolize our identity, our credibility and self worth as this is where we keep our IDs, credit cards and money. To dream of losing your purse indicates you may be having a hard time locating the real you, you may be going through an identity crises or perhaps you may even be feeling a little worthless in waking life. Losing purse dreams are especially common for women who have retired or whose children have left the nest as the identity of workingwoman or Mom no longer seems as prevalent. Don't let these dreams scare you. Take them as a message from your inner mind that it's time to bring something valuable and meaningful into your life such as volunteer work, taking on a new and challenging hobby or perhaps even working on your inner self, your spirit. When you find something that makes you feel good and gives you a focus and a goal, these dreams will stop.

Carol replies: Thank you so much for answering me. It sounds like me and I will heed your advice. Thank you so very much.

Fascinating dream fact: The late Don Knotts revealed in a recent interview that he dreamed the character “the nervous guy,” which propelled him to fame on The Steve Allen Show.

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