March 22nd 2006 


In Nicholas Collias' March 13 organ-meat extravaganza "I Eat the Body Culinary," the author identified the veal sweetbreads at Tapas Estrella as costing $8.95. In actuality, this delicious dish of deep-fried veal thymus gland costs $5 for a small plate and $8 for a large. In the March 1 news feature "Skyline Submits Application for The Cliffs," a quote attributed to Bruce Eggleston should have been attributed to city Planning Director Hal Simmons. And in the recent spring edition of Idaho Arts Quarterly, the listing for Friesen Gallery in Ketchum contained incorrect information. The information was for the Friesen Galleries at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa. For corrected listings, visit

The ciedra top 10

Rep. Simpson's Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act [CIEDRA] has been praised as a boon to the economy of Central Idaho and an end to the Boulder-White Clouds wilderness controversy. It is neither. Here are 10 good reasons Idahoans should reject this bad bill:

1. CIEDRA is not a wilderness bill. It is a development bill with a wilderness component. Its beneficiaries will be the outfitting and guiding industries, the recreational gasoline industry, and the people who sell the properties that border a new wilderness.

2. CIEDRA accelerates the carve-up of federal lands in the West, giving over specific areas to specific interests.

3. CIEDRA's 300,011-acre wilderness is smaller than the wild area it's supposed to protect.

4. CIEDRA uses the federal commons for government revenue, setting a precedent for rescuing any number of cash-strapped counties and municipalities--and even the federal deficit--through the sale of federal land.

5. Current management of the Boulder-White Clouds has preserved this wild area by reducing human impact. The area is in better shape now than it was 30 years ago.

6. The 1964 Wilderness Act is not swimming in the same waters it was hatched in. A move is afoot to manage federal lands, including National Parks and Wildernesses, as for-profit public-private partnerships. CIEDRA is in tune with this dismaying development.

7. The Idaho Conservation League has accepted the principle that wilderness designation for one part of a wild area is worth allowing development in another part. It's a recipe for slicing and dicing ecosystems.

8. Grant-driven wilderness organizations have embraced a reductive legalism that sees wilderness designation as ecological protection. But as a former wilderness ranger, I know the amount of visitor regulation that wildernesses require. Shepherding visitors creates overuse, and overuse creates dead zones within wilderness boundaries

9. If Rep. Simpson really wanted to help the Central Idaho economy, he could try to keep Highway 21 from Boise to Stanley open all winter. A CIEDRA-mandated housing development, as the experiences of the Treasure Valley and Blaine County show, will end up costing more tax dollars than it brings in.

10. History is a merciless judge. We should be careful of claiming we're acting in the interests of posterity. If posterity looks at the early 21st century and sees it as the start of a great sell-out of ideals, the parceling out of federal lands to developers, the attenuation of the Wilderness Act, and the transformation of the wild into commodity, it will wonder how we could have slept at night.

-- John Rember,


Bunny lovin'

Please consider the 10-plus year commitment to caring for a bunny, chick or duck that are often purchased for Easter gifts. Most of the bunnies purchased for Easter will never see their first birthday. Few realize that rabbits need to be kept inside, require four hours running around inside the house exercise time and will spray on the walls until they are spayed/ neutered. Rabbits are not low maintenance pets. They require as much time as a dog or a cat. Since domestic rabbits are not the product of natural selection, they cannot take care of themselves if abandoned in the wild and will not survive. Please consider a cute cuddly stuffed bunny this Easter. Thank you and Happy Easter!

--Diane Ayres,


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Attention all gays: The writing is on the wall. You should just sell your houses, give up your possessions and move over here to Portland, or San Fran, or Seattle or whatever. You'd probably be better off living on the streets of Portland than trying to get through to those religious freaks. It's futile. Trust me, you'll be happy here and we'd welcome your skills. Of course the hate-mongering Christians will eventually destroy the rest of Idaho's habitat, cut down the forests, kill off all the animals, poison the water upstream from here, but we can figure out a way to capture all the rain water after they poison the rivers. Idaho has no future except to exploit and destroy all the beautiful wilderness.


Portland, Oregon

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