March 23—30 

1700 BLOCK OF BROADWAY AVE-Thieves break into two unlocked vehicles, making off with Craftsman tools and vehicle registrations.

4400 block of W. State St-Golf clubs and other items are stolen from a business.

6400 block of W. Overland Rd-Precise thieves forcefully enter a business in order to steal ... a tricycle. For some reason.

6800 block of Natural Lane-Thieves open an unlocked garage door and steal speakers and movie cases.

March 24

700 block of Stilson Road-Thieves break into three vehicles. CD players, glasses and many other items are stolen.

9400 block of W. Ustick Rd-A business is forcefully entered, and relieved of an undisclosed number of Hot Wheels.

4300 block of S. Tin Ridge Way-Thieves utilize an unlocked garage door to steal a mini-motorcycle and food.

March 25

4600 block of S. Apple St-The license plate is pinched off of a 1974 Chevy van. "And that's alright with me..."

3300 block of Collister Rd-Personal items are stolen from a vehicle.

6000 block of Oliver Ave-Several toolboxes are stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

2800 block of Catherine St-Thieves forcefully remove a defenseless seat-cover from a car.

2200 block of E. Gossamer Lane-An open garage door leaves a mountain bike vulnerable to thievin' eyes. You best believe they stole it.

March 26

1500 block of N. 12th St-Gastronomic thieves forcefully break into a business. They run off with an undisclosed amount of food.

500 block of W. Hayes St-Thieves steal many tools from a partially constructed office building.

1700 block of Harrison Blvd-An unsecured garage door allows thieves easy access to a DeWalt chop saw.

6200 block of Corsair Lane-Stalwart thieves are undeterred by a car's locked doors. They ransack the glove box and leave.

300 block of N. Milwaukee-Thieves forcefully enter a vehicle and take an eclipse CD player and CD binder.

4900 block of Sunderland St-An assortment of tools are lifted from an unsecured garage.

March 27

200 block of E. Front St-A six-disc Pioneer CD player is removed from a car.

9500 block of Fairview Ave-A CD player, coat and tool set are stolen from a vehicle.

March 29

2800 block of Hill Road-Bold thieves ransack a car parked in a residential garage. Their bounty: Pentax binoculars, a mahogany dresser with attached mirror and a carved wooden chair.

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