March 7, 2018: What to Know 

  • Gary Cohn, top economic adviser to President Donald Trump, has announced his resignation. Cohn's departure on Tuesday comes in the wake of Trump's proposal for trade tariffs, something that Cohn vehemently opposed. Vox counts at least 25 high-profile resignations at the Trump White House thus far. Meanwhile, USA Today reports that the Dow Jones Industrial average plummeted 150 points as a reaction to the Cohn resignation.
  • Students at Caldwell High School have been told that, beginning Wednesday, backpacks will be limited at the school. School officials say the move is a direct reaction to safety concerns. Students will still be allowed to carry backpacks to school, but they must be placed in lockers and cannot be used during lunch or in hallways between periods. Officials said bags and purses will still be allowed in class, but nothing bigger than the size of a standard piece of paper. The announcement was posted on Facebook earlier this week.
  • The Fox Networks Group, which includes Fox, FX and Fox Sports, has a radical idea: shrink the number of commercials per hour down to two minutes. CNN reports that the company hopes to limit its commercials by 2020. That would mean that the price  that Fox charges advertisers would increase. "There are more things competing for your attention than ever," said Fox Vice President David Levy. "So the price of attention has gone up."

  • McDonald's announced Tuesday it's putting more fresh beef in its hamburgers. The giant fast food chain said that about 3,500 domestic restaurants have already introduced fresher beef patties and it plans to reach some 14,000 U.S. locations by early May. CNBC reports that the decision was a costly one. McDonald's suppliers spent more than $60 million updating their supply chain to transition from frozen Quarter Pounder patties to fresh ones.

  • An Australian couple has discovered what is believed to be the oldest known message in a bottle. The BBC reports that the couple's discovery came on a remote beach in West Australia. The note in the bottle was dated June 12, 1886, and was supposedly tossed from a German ship, the Paula. Officials at a maritime archaeology institute verified the handwriting as made by the captain of the Paula. The message included the date and exact coordinates of the the spot from where the bottle was thrown into the ocean.

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