March 8th 2006 

Bill Cope, Feb. 22, 2006

I found Bill Cope's writing very unprofessional and upsetting. We all have a right to another opinion that differs from what we think. When a person goes to the extreme of their opinion, we call them a "radical." However, when we hate the person because of their different opinion, that is called a "bigot." Ron Gillette pretends to be a "cowboy" while Bill Cope wants us to think he's a "writer." While the world can get by having some of these so-called "toadies" around, there should be no room for the "Bigot Bills" of today. No Bigot Bill, I'm not one of the handful of hillbillies up here in Stanley, I'm just a man who believes a person has a right to their opinions. After all, I did read yours.

--Wayne Ktratochvil,


I would like to respond to Bill Cope's article, "The Wilderness Kill." As usual, Cope uses his soap box to promote his pro wolf--anti hunting ideas. This time, he uses the writings of a dead poet as inspiration. Apparently Cope is finding it difficult to come up with original thoughts and resorted to using this other wise insightful poem as a springboard to launch a crude, personal assault on Mr. Gillette and, on a broader scale, all those who support scientific game management and the wildlife management successes that have been achieved, largely on the backs and wallets of sportsmen, over the years. It occurs to me that the author is referring to rabbity humans who do not care for our wildlife resources or manage them as a renewable resource for the benefit of all. Scientific game management, including sport hunting, and the benefits these practices bring to wildlife populations certainly do not qualify as rabbity. Perhaps Cope should read the poem one more time and consider that the author may actually be talking about him, as a rabbity human. Cope's attack is certainly unsalted.

Contrary to Cope's opinion, sport hunting is a noble sport and Idaho enjoys a rich heritage of sport hunting. The fact remains, the wolves of the lower 48 are gone, extinct, period. Canadian wolves are not. They are doing fine in Canada and do not need to be in Idaho to survive and thrive as a species. They were not re-introduced to Idaho; they were introduced, much like the noxious weeds of the hillsides and invading foreign snails in our water ways. And like the weeds and snails, we are likely stuck with Canadian wolves for the foreseeable future. Therefore, like any other animal population, we must manage them. Cope should consider supporting sustainable solutions that benefit wildlife and people instead of adding fuel to the fire by publishing such outrageous articles. Remember, God gave Adam dominion over the animals, and therefore charged him, and us, with the responsibility to care for and manage our wildlife. If that means reducing certain wolf populations so elk can rebound, Cope with it!

--Dave Posey,


Bill Cope,

March 1, 2006

Bill Cope's recent essay was a tragically insightful indictment of a presidency gone completely over the top. Just imagine the opportunities for further insanity that can (and certainly will) surface during the next three years.

--David Bagnard,

Garden Valley

Every time you think that Bill Cope writes a great article, one comes along that outdoes it. Such is "What's Left to Like?" Absolutely brilliant. I couldn't have said it better myself, that is if I had Cope's talent. Keep 'em coming!

--Rudi Werth, Boise

Knowing that Bill Cope was a great player of the tenor sax ... but just another pretty face with a bad disposition, I was thrilled to read his last piece on "What's Left To Like." I've mailed it to friends all over the country.

It will help counter the poor image we have in Idaho of being Potato Heads.

The Bushies are so transfixed on power and greed that they're really going to hit the wall.

Meanwhile ... we're desperate to find a leader.

Do you think Colin Powell has been screwed over enough to change his spots?

Please persuade Bill Cope not to hold back any longer, and to tell us how he really feels about conditions.

­--Stan Burns

Ted Rall,

Feb. 22, 2006

Ted Rall is really upset about Cheney. Not just like the news brats in the White House press corps who got their panties in a wad about being scooped by a small town paper before they could put their spin on the story. I mean really mad. Like the libs missed a once- in-a-lifetime chance to get a Republican Ted Kennedy.

If only Cheney had been drinking. If only he had waited for 18 hours to send help to Whittington. If only Whittington had died while Cheney was home sobering up and calling his lawyer. Life would be so sweet.

Ohhhhhhh, it's so unfair!

--Ron Hitt, Nampa

Lingo Yarns,

March 1, 2006

Way to state your opinion so that you sound like the riff-raff who support the marraige amendment! I'm so sick of the "If you're not for us you're against us" mentality that lives in this nation, fostered by our very own prez and others. Your article reeked of so much anger and hatred that, even as someone who thinks the marriage amendment is an atrocity and waste of time, I found it very difficult to stomach. Take the high road; don't feed into the fear, anger, ignorance, and alienation that typify these individuals. Don't waste your energy on being angry and hateful. The issue is, after all, about freedom to love. Love. Remember that word?

--Rachel E.Clements

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