March 9, 2005 

Censoring Students • May the Pharce be with you • Water Woes

censoring students

Dr. Kustra would like to have the students at BSU believe that our voices matter, that civic engagement on campus is of utmost importance. This is also a platform that he continues to stand on and support. (Remember the whole civic engagement campaign?) Oddly though his actions seem to manifest a paradoxical dilemma. Who is his audience? Does he only wish to have people who consent to his racist policies voice their opinion? It seems this way. He talks of creating a diverse campus. I challenge those who are reading this to ask Dr. Kustra how many Latinos are on the board that will oversee the development of the new Community College in Nampa, which will serve a high percentage of Latinos. How many women are represented in the upper administration at BSU? How many people of color are on faculty let alone with tenure?

It seems to me that fostering diversity here in Boise and Idaho means selling out to a fast food empire that has defiled a culture, has no regard for human rights yet recognizes the need for fair animal treatment in their supply chain and so far refuses to do the same for humans. And this is somehow a step forward in his benevolent endeavor for a cutting edge university? Dr. Kustra has said that the decision made by the Idaho State Board and the administration regarding this racist and corrupt contract with Taco Bell will never be undone; and that our continued action against Taco Bell is all for naught. Well Dr. Kustra if suffragettes, civil rights, apartheid, and countless other people involved in these movements were to listen to you, then we'd be supporting a system in which forced complicity, oppression and plain servitude is practiced. I think they call this despotism. Without student and community action this will go to the wayside, just as Kustra and others would like to happen. Those who show up make decisions and so far there seems to be a lot of us waiting for our taxi, when we could just walk.

-Arielle Anderson

Political Science Major

Boise State University

May the Pharce be with you

I laughed when I realized the person or people who wrote the restaurant review and made up the word "unphased" were teachers! Perhaps they were Trekkies or from another planet and couldn't get back to their ship. Could they have meant "unfazed?" Probably.

-Marianne Holtz, Garden City

Water Woes

I'm sure that I'm not the only one in Idaho who has noticed that our snowfall this winter hasn't exactly been up to par and this concerns me slightly being a resident of Boise. Seeing how most of southern Idaho is technically a desert and we get about 58 percent of our energy from hydroelectric power and given the dilemmas that we have faced in the last few years in dealing with ground water shortages, I don't think it's too radical of an idea that this upcoming summer may be one of increased energy costs and brown lawns.

I've seen some places in other states like Nevada, where there are entire communities that have rock beds instead of grass for their yards, cacti, and a variety of other plants that are more suited to the hot dry climate to conserve water. It is my opinion that the numerous grass lawns in the Boise area are wasting valuable water that could be put to better uses, such as farming and replenishing our receding lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc. Our communities could drastically reduce the amount of water used simply by converting from grass lawns to a more regionally conducive form of landscaping.

Though some seem to think of water as something that will always be there conveniently and easily accessible, we could face in the near future a time when our negligence of the ever present drought that Idaho has been experiencing for the last decade will manifest itself in the form of black-outs, depleted surface and ground water resources, rationing, and countless other problems that come as a result of the frugal use of our resources. It is projected that Boise's groundwater will not be able replenish itself enough to meet the demands of its ever expanding population and in response to this, efforts are being made to utilize more surface water by organizations like United Water Idaho, but how long will it be before those resources are depleted and we have to start finding other places to get our water?

An initiative needs to be put into motion whether by the State of Idaho or by individual counties to reduce the amount of water consumed by the average citizen and I believe that converting from grass lawns to xeric landscaping would be an excellent way to go about doing this.

-Jason Whittie, Eagle

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