March 9—14 

March 9

1200 block of Grand Ave-A vehicle is entered, and groceries are stolen.

1800 block of N. 20th St -A Sony 27-inch TV, tools and other items are taken from a home.

2100 block of N. Ninth St -A home is entered, and a Dell computer is stolen. Duuude.

1400 block of Monaco Way-A cellular phone and other items are removed from a classroom.

5400 block of W. Gowen Rd-A cell phone and charger are removed from a vehicle.

800 block of Belmont St-A Washington State driver's license is removed from an unlocked vehicle. Apparently all those newfangled watermarks have made the fake ID an outdated notion.

5000 block of Mountain View-A thief forces entry into a home and takes what is known as a "Dude Grab-bag:" An electric guitar, laptop computer, Xbox and MP3 player.

6200 block of Marvin St-A thief enters an unlocked home and takes a Kenmore dishwasher, paintbrushes, paint roller and other tools. Even thugs need to do a little extreme home makeover every once in a while.

March 10

1400 block of Chrisway Dr-A parking permit is stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

2300 block of Reinhard Dr-From an unlocked vehicle, a lunchbox and Levi-style coat are stolen.

900 block of N. 10th St -Several items are stolen out of an unlocked vehicle.

S Maple Grove St-A thief breaks a car's window with a rock and takes a CD player and CDs.

March 11

12600 block of W. River St-Several items are removed from an unsecured business.

March 12

6200 block of W. State St-A business is entered and numerous items are removed.

100 block of S. Sixth St-A vehicle is broken into.

140 block of Malad St-Forced entry is made into a business. No theft is reported.

March 13

2200 block of N. 19th St-A thief unsuccessfully attempts to enter a home.

200 block of E. Melrose St-A home is entered, and a surround sound system and speakers are removed.

March 14

2100 block of N. Cole Road-A thief forces entry into a business and takes miscellaneous items.

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