Margaret Lawrence 

Background: Born in 1919, Lawrence is the daughter of Robert W. Limbert, a famous Idaho son who was known as an explorer, wilderness guide, writer, lecturer, founder of Red Fish Lake Lodge. He also created a lasting photo record of the Sawtooth Mountains, Craters of the Moon, the Bruneau River Region and much of Southern Idaho (preserved in the Special Collections Department of the Boise State University Library). He passed away when Lawrence was only 14, and after attending Boise High School for three months, she had no choice but to enter the work force. Now 86 years old, she is proud to say she has never taken assistance from the government-or anyone, for that matter. She owns the Hollywood Market, a North End landmark almost 30 years in the making, that provides sundries and positive messages to its many patrons.

Claims to Fame: In February 2003, Lawrence spearheaded a campaign to recall Mayor Brent Coles for "abuse of trust" and "abuse of office." 26,000 signatures (and a few misdemeanor charges) later, Coles resigned. The current City Council's decision regarding removal of the Ten Commandments Monument from Julia Davis Park has put Lawrence on the warpath again, this time hoping to cut Mayor Dave Bieter's political legs out from under him. Lawrence called his part in the proceedings "truly disgraceful" and just one example of how Bieter is unfit to lead the city. Whereas the petition to recall Coles listed only two offenses, the petition to recall Mayor Bieter sites abuse of trust, abuse of office, breaking a campaign promise to restore "integrity" to city government, acting contrary to the will of the people, forced removal of the Ten Commandments Monument without public input, lack of suitable funding for 1) Community House, 2) a community detox center, 3) law enforcement and general disregard for people's needs.

"If he has money to do other things, he has money to take care of the less fortunate," Lawrence said. "I have nothing against the Greenbelt and new parking garages, but there are other things that are more important."

Political Affiliation: None. Lawrence believes there are "good Republicans and good Democrats," and she has voted in every election she was eligible to vote in since 1936, when she supported Franklin D. Roosevelt for president.

Political Heroes: Jimmy Carter and Cecil Andrus

Hobbies: "I have no time for fun," Lawrence laughed, "but I like to drink coffee."

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Chicken

Future Plans: Lawrence has not taken a vacation in nine years, but she doesn't plan to retire until she turns 90. At that point, she hopes to travel to the West Coast, where she will finally see Multnomah Falls.

Parting Shot: "Politicians should cultivate their power for advancement of kindness."

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