Live NASA Feed: Supermoon Eclipse + Major Mars Announcement = Supernews 

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With fall weather giving us gorgeous clear evening skies, stargazers should be able to witness a rare total lunar eclipse tonight in the first such combination of a "harvest moon" and so-called "supermoon," resulting in a "blood moon." It's the first eclipse of this kind since 1982 and the last until 2033.

It's a "harvest moon" (sometimes called a "corn moon") because it's the full moon closest to the autumn equinox; a "supermoon" because it will be at its closest point to Earth in its orbit; and a "blood moon" because the moon, Earth and sun will line up causing the Earth's shadow to obscure the moon and cast a red shadow on its surface. 

The total lunar eclipse begins at 6:11 p.m. and ends at 11:22 p.m. MST. If you can't get outside tonight or can't find a spot to watch the eclipse unobscured, you can click over to and view the spectacular harvestsuperbloodmoon event tonight.

Space nerds get an extra treat this week: NASA is teasing it will have a "major announcement" on Monday, Sept. 28, regarding Mars. Experts lined up for the announcement include Jim Green, NASA's director of planetary science, and Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program.

In January, there were some preliminary reports stating a Mars rover  discovered some sedimentary rock with indications of microbial lifeforms (i.e. life on Mars).

Interestingly enough, all of this comes a few days before the national release of the new blockbuster film, The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott, which premiered at TIFF 2015.

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