Marvel Trailer for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Features Track by Boise Band Magic Sword 

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Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok, which opens Friday, Nov. 3, is crammed with big-name stars—Chris Hemsworth returns to the titular role—a game sense of humor and plenty of action. The first trailer found its center in Thor falling from grace, losing his hammer Mjolnir, becoming a gladiator and squaring off against The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)—all set to a driving remix of “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.
click to enlarge Silly humans. - COURTESY MAGIC SWORD
  • Courtesy Magic Sword
  • Silly humans.

The second trailer, released July 22, teases Thor’s redemption, opening with Thor and Bruce Banner/The Hulk talking about how they survived their encounter in the ring. They’re looking over a cityscape as futuristic as the music playing in the background: “In the Face of Evil” by Boise band Magic Sword.

Magic Sword band members are known for keeping their identities secret, wearing cloaks and masks when they perform. In keeping with the band's dark-lords-of-the-synth aesthetic, spokes-entity “The Harbinger" told the story of how Magic Sword landed the kind of advertising that can’t be bought.

“This company of humans known as ‘Disney’ asked for us to bestow our vision to them in the form of song,” wrote The Harbinger in an email.

The process started in April, when Disney made a call for trailer music, and Terrorbird, the licensing and publicity agency Magic Sword works with, submitted “In the Face of Evil” from Magic Sword: Vol. 1 (Tender Loving Empire, 2013). A back-and-forth ensued between Disney and the band as they produced a remix of the track for the short video. It was months, however, before Magic Sword learned Disney had selected the song for the trailer.

“They did not inform us of our successful union before this trailer was revealed. We were quickened by the mighty Twitter after it had come forth,” The Harbinger wrote.

Soon thereafter, “In the Face of Evil” appeared Aug. 3 at no. 22 on the Billboard Dance/Electronica chart, increasing interest in Magic Sword.

“You humans have indeed been drawn like a moth to flame,” The Harbinger wrote. “The numbers of new faithfuls to our cause has grown exponentially.” They added that there has been no word yet on whether the song will be used in the film.

When Magic Sword re-released Magic Sword: Vol. 1 in 2015, it was accompanied by a comic book explaining the mythology of the band. “In the Face of Evil” appeared that same year on the tracklist of the video game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and “Kill Them All” off the same album plays on GoPro promotional video “The Streets of Japan in 4K,” which was released in late 2014. Magic Sword's latest EP, Legend, came out in 2016 on Size Records.

The band makes its next Boise appearance at The Knitting Factory on Friday, Nov. 17. Tickets are $15-$35.

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